The year may have ended but the want to go to a music festival you love is just as strong. Here’s The Sherp chiming in, if you don’t get to go to one.

We’ve all been there – the point where you cannot afford to, or go to a music festival you’ve been pining for, instead watching the entire world on your social media prepare for it. You’ve stared at their instagram photos with envy and despondency, wishing you were there instead. You wish the Harry Potter-verse was real, so you could teleport and back real quick for one look at your favourite artist swinging it on the stage. But alas! Such is not to be.

And for people who might find themselves in an unavoidable position as such, here’s our sure-shot guide to making up for that. Feel free to refer in the future, this ten-point list about the things that can keep you busy when you’re not at a music festival.

Plan an in-budget getaway from the city

With music festival tickets, accommodation, travel, alcohol and food, attending a festival can be a heavy blow on your pockets. But you not going is no reason for you to avoid a getaway as a whole. Most cityscapes are surrounded by beautiful, rather inexpensive excursions you can take upon for little money. Besides, any vacation is a good idea, however small.


Cook up a festival playlist

Not being at the music festival you love is no reason to avoid the music entirely. You know who is performing at the festival, right? Piece together a great artist playlist. To be very honest, putting together a playlist is truly an underrated artistic project, so give it your all. Upload it to your 8tracks or Soundcloud account. And there you have it! You’re at the festival without being at it. Brilliant, really.


Call your friends over for an evening of music

A music festival is the breeding ground of friendship and revelry. So there should be no reason to not have your friends around if you’re not at one. Call your friends over for an evening of music, where the aforementioned music festival playlist can give you great company.


Turn your backyard into a mini-festival space

If you or any of your friends have a spacious backyard, then use it to have your own mini version of the music festival you are not attending. Put on some pretty lights and a nice shade, as you have your playlist in the backdrop. Bring on the drinks and the food you can all bring as part of a potluck, and laze around to the sound of music and laughter. You’d be surprised at how much you do not miss the actual festival.

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Live performances on YouTube might fill the void

Some incredible sing-alongs, covers and performances from some iconic music festival editions have found themselves available to all, courtesy the internet. Putting them on would usher the festival atmosphere into your mini party with ease. Of course, it might cause in you syndromes of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), so we apologise in advance.

Have an artistic weekend

The cure to missing on an art-filled music festival is art itself. Listen to music, even as you manage to squeeze in some literature or cinema. Attend a show of theatre, perhaps, scheduled in your city during the weekend, or make a rare appearance at a poetry slam. The more art you consume, the less sorry you’ll be for missing out on the music at a festival, for any artist is good enough.

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Explore your city

Not the obvious landmarks and monuments lining its popular circles, but its nooks and corners that are often skipped for its showy elements. After all, a music festival would have you walk its huge area several time over right? Might as well use up as that energy you saved and discover the lesser known parts about your own city – a museum your once heard of, or a jazz bar you never realised about.


Keep a tab on the schedules of your favourite musicians

If you’re really sad about having missed the headlining performance at the festival, who also happens to be your favourite musician, then worry not. Have a go at the artist’s upcoming performance schedule, and see if you can manage to catch him in action at a neighbouring city three months from now. Often, artists who visit from other countries do perform at local clubs and venues as well, to have a cohesive performance schedule, so if not at the expensive music festival, you might catch them at a local bar. Basically, stalk away.


Chart a plan

I have known of friends who have a plan at the very start of the year  that helps them manage the music festivals they wish to attend. Some has gone ahead to open fixed deposit accounts for the festivals they want to go to. Some have booked their travel and accommodation well in advance to avoid last minute splurge. A detailed plan will never do you wrong and will, in fact, let you manage your festival experience in a cost-cutting manner.


Start saving up for the next music festival you want to attend

If not this music festival, then another. Since the world is never running out of festivals you can attend, there will always be another even you can look forward to. Of course, this time, plan better, save better, and make sure you make it to the festival with everything intact.