Did someone say ‘FREE’?! 

Friend posts: Hey, this page is giving away free passes!
Everyone: *jumps on it like piranhas*
Can’t resist the impulse to get your hands on anything that says ‘free’? You’re definitely not alone.

Here are 10 things festival freeloaders are guilty of:

1. You keep tabs on your Facebook timeline to see who else is going for the gig, so you can get a free ride

 gif 1
2. Your Twitter feed is a sea of replies to contest questions.
gif 4
3. You secretly wish you were friends with the sponsors so you could score free drinks.
gif 5
4. Chaos at the bar = perfect time to subtly hustle a few extra drinks for yourself
gif 6
5. This is how you’ll be kidnapped.
6. As soon as you enter, you walk around the entire venue to see if anyone’s giving away freebies or free samples of anything
gif 7
7. You have an eye for unattended drinks and food
gif 3
8. You’ve contemplated stealing your friend’s media badge to get backstage access
gif 10
9. You’re always trying to sneak into the VIP area when the bouncers aren’t looking
gif 11
10. If someone tells you they work for a festival, they’re immediately your BFF
bff gif