You may need an intervention soon. Or not. 

Music festivals are pretty addictive. They’re great gatherings with people who have similar music tastes in a beautiful environment, what’s not to love? And need less to mention, The Sherp loves his fair share of music festival junkies. Take a look at these symptoms and find out if you are a compulsive festival frequenter.


1. You’ve saved wristbands from every festival you’ve ever been to.

They all have special memories attached to them.



2. As soon as one festival ends, you mark your calendar for the next one. 

In your defense, there are just so many incredible festivals out there!



3. Concert gigs just don’t do it for you anymore. 

Thousands of people crammed up around a single stage to watch a single artist? It just doesn’t float your boat anymore.



4. Let’s be honest, you’d rather be at a festival than anywhere else, really.

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by great music and the happy vibes that come with music festivals?



5. You now have a “festival fund”. 

A portion of your pay/pocket money is set aside every year to pay for your festival ticket and the like. You may starve for a month or two, but it’s a price you have to pay.



6. And yet, you’re perpetually broke because of all the festivals you attend.

Festival tickets are expensive!



7. You’re always the first one to know about the festival lineups.

You even have Google alerts for some of them. You’re well equipped, with social media and a great taste in music.



8. While your happy to pay for your festival ticket, the prospect of a free pass is irresistible. 

It’s probably worth more to you than Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket.



9. You are well-known in the festival community. 

Which is why you’re not afraid to go to a festival alone. You’re certain you’ll bump into someone you know there.



10. You’re an avid reader of Festival Sherpa.