Always wanted to head to a festival but never managed to do so? Always pondered whether it’s all worth the dough you spend or the effort involved in planning your travel and stay? If you’re looking for a reason to travel to a festival, the Sherp gives you 10. 



1. Memories

be yourself

Stumbling across fields to find the stage with your lanyard in one hand and a drink in the other, hearing a song you like and heading in that direction or battling it out with your friends about who to see next. You remember these moments for the rest of your life.


2. Be Yourself

wear what you want

If you think the concrete jungle is way too civilized for your liking, and you just feel the need to be yourself, and unleash the real you that’s been bogged down for a long while – you NEED to head to a festival. Seriously, nobody cares about the way you dress and you can be as carefree as you like.


3. Find A New Favorite Artist

favorite artist

There’s always loads of lesser known bands just waiting for you to stumble upon their tent and give their music a chance. Live music is all about the feel. And you may find your next favorite artist at the festival.


4. Meet New People

people festival

The vibe that envelops a festival makes people approachable, friendly & fun. Doesn’t apply for all kinds of festival, but you end up leaving the festival with multiple friends. In any case, striking a conversation is easier, with music playing it’s ever present catalytic role.


5. It’s Actually Economical

festival people

It works out far cheaper to see all the acts in one place rather than to buy separate concert tickets for each. Plus it’s usually away from home and there’s camping involved, it’s like a mini holiday.


6. Because FOOD.

festival food

Fast food tastes better at festivals for some reason. You fancy Thai? No problem. Mexican? No problem. Something hot off the pan? No problem. Festivals never seem to promote the healthiest diet but hey, it’s only one weekend and it tastes good.


7. Find Time For Yourself

memories 2

Somewhere between your daily schedule and 9 – 5 employment, you lose a bit of your soul. Find time for yourself, discover new sounds, meet new people, share your experiences, walk around, engage your mind and body in different activities – feel alive. Every once a while, the refresh button is a must.


8. Camping Is An Experience In Itself


Accommodation is the most vital aspect of travelling. But once a while, break your rule and venture out into the open. Leave your hygiene requirements aside and just head out with your tent to a festival. It’s an experience that brings together a set of people much more effectively. Extremely therapeutic, and a must try.


9. Showers Will Be Much More Worthwhile

festival shower 2

You’ll have the BEST shower when you finally get home. Seriously. Queuing up for festival showers just doesn’t seem worth it when all you get at the end is a bit of cold water spat on you. Of course you may have dry shampoo and baby wipes but nothing compares to a good scrub.


10. It’s Been Made Special For YOU

Participants climb an art installation before sunrise at the Burning Man 2013 arts and music festiva

Organizers spend a huge chunk of money to infuse the vibe that they want you, the festival goer, to enjoy at their festival. They invest a lot of time, money & effort to provide you with memories that you can take back home and cherish for the rest of your lives. The services at these festival are there for YOU to enjoy. Sure, they want you coming back each year and increasing their ticket sales, but there are some festival where you receive much more than what you pay for.

With sunshine warming your skin, loud music pumping and a cold drink in one hand, it’s safe to say the festival experience is something you must not miss out on. Venture out into the open, and make your festival bucket list NOW. 

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