Building a career out of electronic music? Can’t seem to find the right direction? If yes is your answer to both these questions, ADE Global Sessions Mumbai is for you! You’re in luck, because it takes place next weekend.

The Dutch festival and conference property on dance music has finally set foot in India. Arguably the biggest multi-faceted electronic music event in the world, ADE is a hotbed for knowledge, production and DJing tips, networking and much more in the music world.

If you’re a producer, DJ, promoter, artist manager, sound engineer (the list goes on), here are 10 reasons why you cannot afford to miss this!

1. Network! Network! Network!


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You need to go that extra mile if you want to show your idols that your mixtape is fire! Networking benefits everyone, and ADE is just a catalyst for the same. Talking to the right people could land you your dream job, and you’ll get paid for what you love. You will run into representatives from OWSLA, Sunburn, Burning Man, Viacom18… the list goes on. Lucrative enough already?

2. It’s going to be an eye-opener!



You’re probably genre-restricted and have no idea what’s going on around you, or you’re unaware of the scene in your own country. Explore new ways of looking at music, and drill it in your head that EDM is much more than just “Everybody Fucking Jump!” ADE is going to be full of people from the industry with their own creative and essential ideas you could take home.

3. Learn new production techniques



With the likes of Kill The Noise, What So Not, Lost Stories (who also recently started a music school), Wiwek, Nucleya, Arjun Vagale, Kohra, Ash Roy and Calm Chor talking about their ways of producing music, you can hone your skills with their advice!  Every single name on that list is a credible act that has been around for years, and their words are going to be gems of wisdom, so don’t miss it!

4. Watch performances!


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Everyone on the above list (and a few others too) is going to perform as a part of the ADE Night Program, a series of gigs at various clubs in Mumbai. If some partying is your idea of relaxing after a long day of gaining wisdom, look no further!

5. See how the industry runs!



With a host of experts in the music business roped in to offer advice and share their experiences, you’ll get a first-hand insight on how the music industry runs! People like Devraj Sanyal (EVC), Shailendra Singh (Sunburn), Jaideep Singh (Viacom18) and Dev Bhatia (UnMute Agency) are going to take the stage, and it’ll be a pity if you miss out on what these guys have to say!

6. Find out what the future holds



Electronic music is an ever-evolving phenomenon, and most of the speakers on various panels are going to address one question that’s on the back of everyone’s mind: What’s the way ahead? Look into the perspective of professionals from the industry, and figure out!

7. Learn how to sell your skills

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The music business isn’t a cakewalk. You need to be relevant, and in order to do that, you need to be able to sell your skill. Show the world why you’re relevant in the industry, and why you deserve to be up there with the greatest producers in the world!

8. Produce for the film industry!



There will be a panel on how to get your music into movies. If film scoring is your thing, this will be a very beneficial panel for you! The film industry has big bucks almost everywhere, and a good music director/composer will be rewarded heavily!

9. Dodge your way through copyrights!


We said copyright, not copy it right! (Courtesy: Indiatimes)

Learn tricks of escaping copyright issues. If you’re a music producer, you know what we’re talking about. (Vengeance, anyone?) Everyone started off the same way. Several producers are going to be there, and you can just go up and ask them about their methods of doing so! Or, you could use panel discussions to your advantage!

10. Make a final decision on what you want to do!


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ADE is an all-encompassing event that will give you many opportunities. It will further strengthen your choice of field in the electronic music industry.

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We’re definitely going to be at ADE for all that gyaan. Are you?