Nikhil Chinapa has listed some very convincing reasons to watch Eric Prydz live at Vh1 Supersonic 2017! Read what he has to say, in his own words:

There’s a reason I’ve been chasing Eric Prydz for over 10 years. There’s no other DJ I’ve pursued this hard, or for this long, to bring to India – and with good reason –  there’s quite simply no other DJ in the world like him. I’ve heard him several times across the world and I’ve had close to a dozen conversations with him backstage about India and his fans here.

Credits: Nikhil Chinapa

Vh1 Supersonic is the very first festival Eric’s playing in Asia (he played once at the Zouk club in Singapore) and that’s also why we’ve had loads of people from Sri Lanka, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Maldives, Thailand and Malaysia already buying tickets for the festival. Thanks to technology and our ticketing systems, we know where you’re coming from.

So these are my 10 reasons why you need to see Eric in Pune:

1. Every single DJ on the planet – from Armin Van Buuren, to Martin Garrix, to DJ Snake and Skrillex –  all have massive respect for Eric Prydz. If you’re ever backstage at an Eric Prydz gig – you’ll be amazed at the different DJs who’re there to listen to him. In fact, the last time I met DJ Snake was at Eric’s gig at Ultra Miami last year. (P.S. – It’s a sh*t picture but we were both into Prydz’s music more than the selfie).

Credits: Nikhil Chinapa

2. Sound engineers listen to hundreds of DJs, if not thousands of DJs in their lifetime. If you can get the sound engineer raving to your music, as Eric did at EDC in Las Vegas, it means you’re very, very special.

3. Ask any Indian DJ what they think of Eric Prydz – from Nucleya, to Lost Stories, to Pearl or Arjun Vagale. Even younger DJs like the Progressive Brothers, Sarthak, Kerano and Zaeden. You’ll be amazed at how influential Prydz’s music has been in all of their lives at some point in time.

4. Whether you’re a Prydz fan or not – whether you’ve even heard of him or not – your life and the way you perceive dance music will change after listening to him. Pearl said this in an article she wrote – and she couldn’t be more right — “As a clubber, it doesn’t matter what genre you’re most into. When you’re at a Prydz performance, all those boundaries will blur and you will come out the other side questioning your own biases.” You can read her article here.


5. Irrespective of who you’re a fan of today, you need to listen to Prydz. The thing is, you might not get it now, but trust me – you will – and you will hate yourself for having missed it when it happened literally in your backyard.

6. You think you can see him the next time he comes – but please understand this. It’s taken me 10 years of my life to convince him to come to India and I’m not sure I can do it again. This is only the second time he’s ever played in Asia – and I’m not sure whether it’s going to be another 10 years before he comes back. I know this for sure, it wont be the next year..or even the next two years after this one.

7. There’s no feeling better in the world than sharing a musical moment with your best friends. It is my friends I’ve missed the most when I’ve heard Prydz in various continents across the world. You may also be privileged to get to hear Eric across the world, but sharing that moment with your best friends is incomparable.


8. It’s never been simpler. Festival ticket prices are as low as they can possibly be. Pune is well-connected by road, rail and air to every major city in India and the city itself has hundreds of hotels, and thousands of Airbnb and OYO rooms available to rent.


9. It’s happening at Laxmi Lawns. It’s a venue that’s well known, much loved and it’s literally in the heart of Pune city.

10. It’s happening with Vh1 Superonic – and if there’s ever a crew that wears its heart on its sleeves, it’s this one. You know you’ll be well looked after, cared for and kept safe. Especially women. Peace. Love. Unity and Respect. These are our unwritten laws and we take them very seriously. We also dispense hugs. Liberally.

(Article contributor – Nikhil Chinapa)

P.S. – If you are as pumped as we are for Vh1 Supersonic 2017, then get your tickets right here.