Here are some unbelievable festival experiences to light up your day. 

Music festivals are lands of the impossible – a chance to get away from your regular self and explore the unknown. This is also one of the reasons why festival stories are some of the craziest ones. The Sherp brings you a compilation of some spooky, intriguing and outright hilarious festival stories that shed some light on the crazy effects of psychedelics and hallucinogens. Delve into the trippiness of music festivals with some of these incredible stories via Reddit.


1. This spookiness.

[On] weed, I had an out of body experience in which I floated above my body and watched myself have a conversation with my friends. I started searching what happened afterward and figured out that I had an OBE. After looking into it even more I decided that my religion was bullshit and that I needed to just be a good person.

deep shit


2. What even.

wakarusa story1



3. This shroom fan.

So one of the days at a festival (I don’t remember which day), me and a few of my friends were chilling after a show and decided to get some food. A few minutes after we sat down this guy sat down directly outside of our circle and just listened to us talk. After about ten minutes this guy slowly pushed his way into the circle and said “Yo you guys looking to buy some shrooms?”. My group just began to look at each other in confusion when the guy blurted out “Too bad because I bought all of them!” and began to laugh uncontrollably. He introduced himself as the man that bought out the mushroom man and talked to us about his magnificent trip for about ten minutes. Eventually the guys girlfriend came over and grabbed him by the shirt collar and pulled him away mumbling something about child leashes. Man that bought out the mushroom – if you are reading this you are my hero and let your freak flag fly.



4. This naive mother.

I met a woman in the festival medical centre who had been working at the theatre stage. She had gone to get her water bottle but picked up her daughter’s bag by mistake. There was a half-full bottle of Fanta in it, so being hot and thirsty, she drank that. Shortly after, she began to feel most peculiar, and thinking she was having a stroke, was dashed to the medical tent. The doctors told her she wasn’t having a stroke – she was on ecstacy. High as a kite, she was dashing round the waiting area, telling all and sundry: “I’m 49, I’m on E!” She was having a lovely time, but I’d like to have been a fly on the wall when she came down and had a word with her daughter about the contents of that Fanta bottle.

– Ingrid, via The Guardian

cool mom


5. This nature enthusiast.



6. This committed boyfriend.

I took my girlfriend to her very first festival, Electric Forest 2013, and upon getting there said we should wait till its night before we leave the campsite to explore the forest. Thought it would make it more magical for her seeing it the first time all lit up. NOPE.

We dropped acid about an hour before going in, and when we make it past the lines, she’s acting pretty weird. Keeps looking confused, asking why are all these people here, squeezing my hand like it’s a stress relieving ball. I realize she’s just tripping too hard and I’m like, okay, let’s get into the forest where there’s a little safe zone circle in the middle and she can just chill there. But by the time we make it she has absolutely no clue what is going on, she doesn’t believe anything is actually real because the forest at night is just so fucking crazy. People were meowing and baahing at her, dudes on stilts dressed like satyrs, noise and lights EVERYWHERE… I felt like I had made a very bad call. So I stood up, put her on my back (she weighs like 95 pounds) and had to carry her the 2ish miles all the way back to the campsite. Had to leave my two other friends behind who had also dropped L and had never been to a festival, but are experienced trippers and wanted to explore.

The only difficult part about carrying a tripping girlfriend on your back is that she couldn’t stay still. Wiggling, reaching out, grabbing shit, pulling my hair, and wanting me to stop every 50 feet so she could sit down and meditate for minute long intervals. That plus I was wandering through thousands upon thousands of other people. Oh, and I was tripping really hard at this point as well!

I got so many hi fives on the way back, and like a dozen people told me I was an epic boyfriend. People were even offering to help me carry her back! Really I just felt the need to protect her and make sure she was safe. Every time my legs got tired I just reminded myself that I HAD to do this, and I just kept on.

Got her back to the campsite, tucked her in with a bottle of water, then sat by her with my neighbors and drank a butt load of whiskey! Good times were had.

The next day, I couldn’t count the number of random people who saw her and yelled “Omg you’re okay!” The rest of the festival we both had a blast. Electric Forest is amazing, just be prepared to have your mind blown haha.

We’ve been to a lot of festivals since then, she’s freaked out a few more times on acid but we always pull through 🙂



7. This absurdity.

At Wakarusa 2012, the people that we camped next to wore onesies quite a bit, the guy was trying to get his girlfriend pregnant AT WAKARUSA (constantly going to the tent and rustling around), and he had a box full of random shit he busted out when we were tripping and out of nowhere he pulls dental molds of his ex-wife out and gave them to my friend to keep. Nice people, unique experience.



8. This brave naked climber.

My first festy ever was this past weekend (Wakarusa) and some guy decided to climb a tree naked and fucking rage on it to Black Tiger Sex Machine at 6 in the morning. It was pretty epic!



9. This oversharer.

At a festival, circling the edge of a k-hole on the dance floor, [I] realise my left [breast] has been hanging out for the last hour. [I] proceed to tell every stranger in the vicinity how hilarious that is to me, all with my lone boob still free as the wind.



10. This bliss.

MDMA + TomorrowWorld. It was my first festival and first time rolling.

Now this subreddit would be proud! I did purchase my own test kit and tested the MDMA before hand and took a single 100mg dose.I remember being so confused, I took the pill over 30 minutes ago. I kept thinking it was so bunk and over hyped. It was whatever, so we decided to head into the festival, it was around 9pm at this point, then BAM. It hit me like a sack of bricks. As i’m walking across the bridge that crosses a pond the decorated fish were spewing fire, there’s bass from Nicky Romero’s set, amazing lights in the woods, and the whole bridge was handing out high fives and hugs. Pure bliss and SO amazing. Breathtaking, overwhelming, magical, mindblowing and euphoric all at once.



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