Weddings should not have the same boring songs from the 80s play forever.

When Maroon 5 took inspiration from “Wedding Crashers” to shock couples on their wedding day, they stole the chance for the bride to have all eyes on her, so why not just perform at the wedding! Here are the 10 musicians who would be great despite their high fees:

1. Beyonce

(Credits: Just Jared)

There’s a reason she’s called Queen Bee and it stands proven. If powerful ballads like Halo and singing for President Barack Obama’s first dance at the Neighbourhood ball don’t prove it then you need help and a hearing aid.

2. Prateek Kuhad

(Credits: The Wild City)

With just a guitar in his hand, Kuhad needs no other instrument to perform a song that melts the bride’s heart and with his Hindi tracks, he’ll mesmerize the crown of aunties there too.

3. Guns N’ Roses


If the wedding party consists of a fun crowd who aren’t afraid to let loose, Guns N’ Roses are the ones who will get them going with their guitar solos and electric energy.

4. Adele

(Credits: Billboard)

Now don’t be fooled by all the breakup songs by this London lady. If you follow her on social media, you know she is funny as hell and will give a hilarious speech along with a flawless performance.

5. Drake

(Credits: Grape Juice)

How can we not include this rapper who confesses his love for a woman at an award show? There’s a reason why he’s known as the sensitive rapper and will get the crowd going with infectious beats.

6. The Lumineers

(Credits: Baeble Music)

After the success of “Ho Hey”, this band has proven that folk rock can sound as good as it did before and with tracks like Ophelia, they can create the feeling of sitting near a campfire with your loved ones and just having a good time.

7. Alicia Keys

(Credits: Lenny Letter)

After taking a break from the music scene, Alicia is back as the judge of “The Voice” and rightfully so. Her voice is unique and Stevie Wonder confessed that she is his favourite female artist of all time. Will you go against him? We didn’t think so either!

8. Leon Bridges

(Credits: Esquire)

Leon Bridges is one of those artists who oozes soul from his voice. His jazz roots and the tone of his voice make the crowd feel like they have been transported back to the 50’s.

9. Kailasa

(Credits: Adgully)

Kailash Kher has been a renowned Indian playback singer and after forming Kailasa has increased his reach in Indian folk music. They are sure to make the wedding performance one that people will be talking about for a long time.

10. Soulmate

(Credits: Seven Diary)

This duo from Shillong, comprising of one of the best female vocalists from North India and a highly respectable blues guitarist, you can never go wrong, no matter what the song. Their tracks will get the wedding a perfect mellow feel without being drowned by all the conversations taking place there.