One might think that at crowded music festivals, extroverts have it most easy. But truth be told, The Sherp thinks that they too, have to take the good with the bad!

To be someone out there, ready to take up a conversation, or ready to socialise works pretty darn well in gatherings filled with people to the brim; such as a music festival for instance. A place where old friends are lost, and new ones are found, amid connections made over music and art, extroverts find great solace in the social bonhomie at music festivals. Except, it’s not all honey and sugar.

We look at the most exclusive extrovert-experiences at music festivals. Like we said, it’s a whole lot of good, with a dose of unnecessary.

You don’t have to try very hard for company

You want to go to a music festival of a genre none of your immediate friends appreciate? It’s no problem for you, because one scroll down your WhatsApp bar, and you’re sure to find someone who’d like to hit your tempo. And given how much of a people’s person you are, you will have no trouble finding carpoolers, either.

Huge line for festival bands? No problem

While the huge lines at the festival entries for bands are bound to piss people off, it doesn’t get to you much, as you find yourself striking up a conversation with any decent person you can find. Pretty soon, your new festival friend knows someone else, who knows another person at the very beginning of the line, and you find yourself cutting the time with ease! What can we say, you’re a pro!

It’s never too boring for you

Even if you find no one to cut the long queues, you’re pretty soon entertained by the hoard of people around you, all willing to amuse you with things to say. You’re never the one getting bored with nothing to do. Your extrovertedness is entertainment enough.

You will also never be alone

Most of us have found ourselves alone at some point at a music festival. Either your friends have wandered off, or you had no friends there to begin with. As an extrovert though, in any given situation, you will always have people to hang out with. Music festivals are truly that one place you will always be surrounded by willing “friends”. Of course, should you want to be alone, this ability of yours to attract numerous conversations at all times can be slightly annoying.

You might end up spending an awful lot

The flipside to being an extrovert is that everyone invites to each and every activity. Shots at the bar during a stringing metal guitar riff? You’re there. Some pizza munching at the food zone? You’re there too. You’re pretty much invited everywhere where money needs to be spending, so in turn, you’re pretty broke at the end of it.

Also, you will never be hungry or sober

And should you be broke, you will still never go hungry or sober. With so many people out there to speak to, you’re being abundantly offered things to consume despite your too-broke-to-buy status. A simple ‘Hello, where are you from?’, is followed by a generous offering of intoxicants. You’re living the life.

You will meet way too many people you won’t remember

You will also end up meeting, and forging friendships for life with people you will not remember when sober. Your phone contact is abuzz with a hundred new additions, but if drunk then, you will have no memory of these lifelong alliances when sober. It’s not your fault, entirely. No single person can be expected to remember everyone, especially when surrounded by people at all times.

Know details you don’t want to

Because you’re such a people’s person, so easy to talk to and mingle with, people do not hesitate in sharing their deepest, darkest secrets in drunk or stoned stupor. Your ready accessibility fits perfectly well with their need to share when intoxicated. So you’re in a place where you know some real complex feelings of people you do not very well. So many secrets, you know not what to make of.

You might just piss your introverted friends off

It’s really dicey when you attend a music festival with friends who are far more introverted in nature, and prefer the comfortable company of you, and you alone. Your ability to hoard on company at every interval really would piss them off, as they’d rather just be with you enjoying the music. Good luck balancing both!

But, they get your after party invitations

The biggest advantage to being a people’s person is not having to fret about post festival blues. You’re sure to get invited to all the happening after parties in town; whether they be at a club or in someone’s downtown garage. And by being invited, you will automatically get to take your friends along. That should make your introverted friend slightly happier?

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