The world’s most popular festival pair, the Reading and Leeds Festival came to a musical end yesterday, and we have all the moments that defined just how good the experience was. 

1. When Alt-J brought on an enthralling light show to the stage as they performed their incredible sounding music from their last two albums, making it a visually strong performance, in addition to taking the main stage by storm, ahead of Mumford & Sons Headliner set. 

Alt-J began its, now soaring and popular, career at the Leeds University in 2007. Now, returning to the main stage 8 years hence, the band certainly didn’t stop themselves from giving the festival a roaring tribute.

Alt-J on the main stage at the 2015 Reading Festival(Credit: Richard Gray)

(Credit: @live4evermedia | Instagram)

2. When, probably the most exciting rapper in the world right now, Kendrick Lamar took to the stage and had a genuine moment of nostalgia –

That Kendrick Lamar is one of the more socially aware rap artists and songwriters, is well known and documented. There was obvious excitement at Reading Festival with Lamar’s inclusion in the lineup, due to his soaring popularity in the country, and the rapper did not disappoint. Not only did the artist deliver one of his strongest performances in recent times, but also compared Reading to his hometown Compton. This came after he delivered a stellar opening set at Reading’s sister festival Leeds.

Danny Payne gigwiseLamar at Leeds Festival (Credit: Danny Payne | Gigwise)

Jordan Hughes NME
Lamar at Reading Festival (Credit: Jordan Hughes | NME)

3. The Libertines closed Reading Festival with a fitting end, after a triumphant encore. 

Local English band, The Libertines have had a strong cognizance with the Reading Festival. At the festival’s 2010 venture, things seemed to have finally worked out for the band who then made it to the big stage. Five years hence, they gave a performance that showed why they deserved to be headlining one of England’s most important music festivals.

Wunmi Onibudo NME(Credit: Wunmi Onibudo | NME )

(Credit: @stephenjrice | Instagram)

Pete Doherty ended the set with this beautiful line – ‘And don’t forget. You are the Libertines’. 

4. After a seven-year absence, rock fans at Reading and Leeds thanked Metallica with all their spirit. 

@charnockj96(Credit: @charnockj96 | Instagram)

Metallica performed the closing sets at Reading and Leeds on Saturday and Sunday respectively, delivering a performance which was every bit worth the 7-year break. It was a classic Metallica show, with long-ass guitar-riffs, thundering drum solos, and gorgeous entwined vocals, with James Hetfield leading the show from the front. But they didn’t leave before thanking the festival for the beautifully turned up loyal audience.

@m_l_y96(Credit : @m_l_y96 | Instagram)

5. Bring Me The Horizon unveiled their wild side and laid it bare at the festival. 

Bring Me The Horizon not only gave a performance that showcased some of the band’s newer material, conjugated with their old hits, but the band also made for some explosive moment. Right from the band’s seemingly nonthreatening frontman Oliver Sykes asking people to ‘remove their tampons’ and get to the centre of the pit, to him crowd-surfing with glee, the band went ahead to establish their potential headliner status.

@prachi__lepcha(Credit: @prachi__lepcha | Instagram)

Andy Hughes NME
Credit: Andy Hughes | NME)

6. It was all good until Mumford & Sons came in and gave a performance every bit credible of their headlining spot. 

@live4evermedia 2(Credit: @live4evermedia | Instagram)

7. But the crowd turned up in a manner that only Reading and Leeds guarantees, in some of their best garbs, and spirit.

@emmaaa.louisee(Credit: @emmaaa.louisee | Instagram)

@meganlilylaw(Credit: @meganlilylaw | Instagram)

8. Some took the wild route!

@dolbyben(Credit: @meganlilylaw | Instagram)

9. While some turned out, immaculately, with their friends, just right. 

@elliemaione(Credit: @elliemaione | Instagram)

@harrietneale_(Credit: @harrietneale_ | Instagram)

10. All in all, Reading and Leeds festival channeled the very best of festival culture. Great music, a brilliant audience and some special pop-culture moments.