Festival fashion is hip, it’s happening, and it’s quirky. It lets you breathe, yet takes everyone else’s breath away – and while most fashioned individuals are all print and no game, at festivals, the only thing that everyone brings along with their acute sense of style, is their A game!

In keeping with the latest trends, and to make sure that your next festival is a comfortable, yet extremely chic and sexy affair – The Sherp, is here with a list of 10 essential items you guys need in your wardrobe, to impress, caress, and dress; but remember, always mix it up:

1. That pair of sunglasses

Every well-stocked wardrobe has a good pair of sunglasses that flaunts its wearer’s face – the key to buying the right pair however, is not the shape, or the tint – but to see the size, you could put on any sort of eye-wear, but even if it’s the best looking on the shelf, if it’s too big for you, or too small for your face – it is not going to look as nice 🙁

When you’ve found your ideal size, is when you make the next move of finding the perfect frame, and the most matchable tint; this is the tough part, because now, everything looks so damn good.

2. The ever-essential t-shirt

T-shirts are comfort wear, and festivals demand a certain level of comfort when it comes to clothing! There’s going to be tons of people, it’s going to be hot, and you will need to move around a lot – what better way than to find a nice, loose, yet well-fitted t-shirt that can be paired with almost everything you wear?

T-shirts however, aren’t meant to be boring – while they should be comfortable, they should still be able to catch everyone’s attention – look out for funky prints, intense geometric patterns, non-conformist colours, band merchandise, and more; BUT, if you buy anything with words, always make sure there’s a certain level of grammar, and humour to get that sassy, classy, and still easy-going feel for your attire!

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3. Accessories to make it “YOU-nique”

Now, we all know that when it comes to men’s clothing, there really isn’t much to choose from in terms of knitwear, but what you can do, is always throw in some really tripped out accessories. Bracelets make for very very good means of accessorising yourself, find a nice leather bracelet, or a beady band to wear around your wrists; chains and other neck-adorning items do figure into this, but you must not overdo them, one simple thin-chained/roped neckpiece with an earthy, or metal locket should ideally serve its purpose!

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Accessories don’t limit themselves to just those however, if you’re considering a tucked-in look, find a well made, and fitting belt that will ensure your pants stay up, while your get-up is still not compromised by the lack of an essential item!

On the lines of keeping your clothes in their place, ever considered wearing a quirky set of suspenders; and no, not the kind that keeps your stockings up, but those ones that wrap around you like a set of backpack straps! Suspenders make for a relaxed, and still semi-formal way to make your festival attire even more ‘dashing’.

4. Easy-going footwear

With all the walking, the mud, and the hopeful dancing, you will need comfortable footwear. Suede shoes, do not figure into this category. Try and find something laced, or strapped, but always wear closed shoes. While slippers make for comfortable footwear, they also potentially damage your feet, and are really really painful to jump around in; something that doesn’t flap around under your sole, is ideal, and here’s a few that you might find interesting and matchable with everything else on this list!

5. An employable shirt

Shirts are not just for those office-going days, shirts can also be worn at festivals, and other places. Full sleeved, half sleeved, or any other kind of sleeved is not what your criterion should be though; when looking for a shirt to put into your festival wardrobe, make sure it is one that can sustain the impending stains, and wear.

Plaids, flannels, prints, pocketed, oxfords, there’s many different kinds of shirts out there, and the key to finding the right one is to figure out how you want to pair it. A quirky printed shirt with half-sleeved sleeves, and fixed collars goes very very well with a pair of nice shorts – while a shirt with a Chinese collar in solid colours might go extremely well with full chinos and skinny jeans.

6. Joggers & other leg covering things

Like we said above this bit, pairing a shirt really means just figuring out the right thing to wear on your leg-ular region. Joggers are the hottest trend this season, and boy are they comfortable. Put on a pair of joggers, with legitimately anything you want, and you’ll be good to go! But then, if you were to want to wear some well-fitted shorts, or some skinny-jeans (which are a tad bit overrated), then you might have to reconsider the colour, the wash, the footwear, and the top that goes with. For men, the perfect pants are almost impossible to find, because it needs to fit well, it needs to be able to go with what you’re wearing, and it shouldn’t be odd. Mens silk pajamas also give a trendy and comfort look But like every other perfect thing ever, we just have to resort to the almost perfect, next-best-thing on the shelf. For festivals though, the right items would be shorts, and slim fit pants; printed, solid, washed, worn, anything goes!

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7. Jackets for all occasions 

The weather is always unpredictable, and come hell, hail, or high water – you’re going to need a jacket that looks good, as well as serves its purpose! Leather, faux, synthetic, wool, jackets are made for everyone, and sometimes – if you’re feeling the casual vibe, hoodies aren’t so bad either!

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8. Universally matchable messenger bags

At a festival, you can’t be expected to carry around everything, and pant pockets do not have enough space for all the important things you want to carry to the grounds either! Which is why, as a means of making things a lot easier for you, we recommend the addition of a nice messenger bag to your wardrobe, it’s simple, it’s elegant, and it can carry just the right number of things that you might think you need! The best part is, these bags go with almost everything that you wear, but a backpack – just makes you look like a school-going, over-grown, back-pain-possessing individual.

9. That hat

Some may find that hats, have a way of making your outfit seem like you took that extra step in making sure you look good, while some may find that hats, are just plain ridiculous. You’ll be surprised to know though, that hats are the best way to go, if you don’t know what to do with your hair, or if you’re just lacking in the sunglass division, and want to spruce things up a bit closer to your face sans having to get any piercings or tattoos all across!

10. Finally, a funky wallet

Money, is an essential item that everyone must have at a festival, but the sad part is – it’s always crushed in some pocket, or strewn all over your backpack, or in the form of coupons and tokens on your person. What we recommend to solve this remedy and make you look like the cool guy that’s got it under control? Use a wallet, make sure all your financial necessities are in there, and you know where it is at all times – so that everything you need, is in one place! And here’s the best part – wallets don’t need to be plain, leather, and boring – there’s tons of different cool wallets that you can choose from, right from duck-tape wallets, money-clips, metal wallets, and a whole lot more! It’s time to up your money management game.

And, that is all we have for you this time – for more fashion tips, and trend updates! Stay tuned, and keep in touch! Let us know what your favourite festival look is, in the comments below!