Nothing feels better than watching your favourite bands/musicians, belt out their most iconic songs to a crowd full of people like you : ardent fans. What’s better? When you get to be part of those audience sing-a-longs, that have the ability to move you and the artists you’re serenading.  Like we said, there is no better feeling.

Hit by a bout of nostalgia, The Sherp put together a list of the most iconic audience sing-a-longs in music festival history.


1. Snow Patrol – Run – Oxegen Festival 2009

This massive audience sing-along to ‘Run’ is probably the highlight of Snow Patrol’s career. Watch how every single person in the audience screams/sings the lyrics of the song while the vocalist just smiles back in awe. Talk about splendorous!


2. Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark – Rock In Rio 2001

As the pioneers of British Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden had to just show up at a venue to pack it with thousands of adoring fans. Their glory is often summarised by how crazy and energetic their lives shows can get. So as expected, watch how the vocalist Steve Harris commanded the audience at Rock In Rio in 2001 to belt out the lyrics to  ‘Fear Of The Dark’, controlling them like a dark wizard. A Brave New World, indeed.



3. Coldplay – The Scientist – Glastonbury 2011

“How does one band manage to create such an intense aura around it?” is a question you may have asked yourself time and time again about Coldplay. The truth is we may never know, but what we do know is that Chris Martin and his merry men have that innate ability to make you feel like they’re playing for you, and only you. This amazing crowd sing-a-long at Glastonbury 2011 is a testament to that.



4. Greenday – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Reading Festival 2013

Redefining new wave and rallying back supporters of punk rock, who were lost to other forms of rock ‘n’ roll has been Greenday’s major claim to fame. With their hyper-political and anti-establishment lyrics Greenday single-handedly put back the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctional’ for thousands of teenage kids from the dingiest corners of the world.

Their set at Reading Festival 2013 was proof that no matter what year it is, Greenday and their proverbial boulevard of broken dreams will forever stay relevant.

greenday snippet


5. Foo Fighters – Times Like These – Reading Festival 2012

The Foo Fighters hardly need an introduction, so we’re not going to give you one. As one of the most talented bands in rock music today, their popularity has been on the rise ever since Dave Grohl decided to trade in drum sticks for a microphone and start a band with four incredibly talented musicians. Foo Fighter songs have now become arena and festival anthems, that include ‘Times Like These’ and ‘Everlong’. After his last festival performance with Nirvana at Reading, Dave Grohl returned to the arena in 2012, and humbled audiences by his heartfelt gratitude towards their unending love for his band.  After which he played them an amazing version of ‘Times Like These’, to which they happily roared along.


6. Newton Faulkner – Bohemian Rhapsody – T in the Park 2010 

This beautiful and acoustic rendition of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Newton Faulkner and his accompanying audience at T In The Park, can easily be one of the best versions of the song. As you can see, the minute Newton plays that first note, the audience maniacally and gleefully joins in without stopping even once.


7. Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down/Brainstorm – Glastonbury 2007 

Arctic Monkeys’ headlining set at Glastonbury 2007 was one for the ages. The Sheffield rockers managed to bind 40,000 odd people in a spell of unrelenting guitars riffs and palpable energy. The whole arena lit up the minute they took to stage as they dove into one of their most popular tracks ‘When The Sun Goes Down’.

If you’re an Arctic Monkeys fan, you have no idea how much the following video will mean to you. So do yourself a favour and watch it.


8. Imagine Dragons – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) –  T in the Park 2014

As a testament to hundreds of their Scottish fans, Imagine Dragons played one of the most iconic Scottish rocks songs during their gig at T In The Park in 2014. Their version of The Proclaimers ‘I’m Gonna Be’ was easily one of the best moments of the evening, with a massive and cheery Scottish crowd playing second fiddle.


9.  Noel Gallagher – Don’t Look Back in Anger – Argentina

Twenty years after playing in Argentina, Noel Gallagher returned to the country to play an array of amazing Oasis songs, including everyone’s favourite ballad ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’. What followed was a series of very fortunate events – an enthusiastic singalong + a very happy and emotional Noel + thousands of feels. This may not have taken place at a festival, but definitely holds a special place in music festival history.


10. Florence + The Machine – Times Like These – Live At Glastonbury 2015

As we all know, the Foo Fighters couldn’t make it to their headlining gig at Glastonbury this year because of a leg fracture Dave Grohl sustained (during a gig) a few weeks earlier, which bummed out the band more than it did its fans.

They was much speculation about who would fill in the much coveted headlining spot, until the incredible Florence + The Machine was announced. During their set at Glastonbury Florence Welch, the vocalist of the band, took to the mic to honour and dedicate their version of “Times like these” to the Foo Fighters – a cover which was absolutely glorious. What was even better was that crowd’s appreciation for her cover, as they sang it along with her.

“We would like to dedicate this next song, to the legend and all-round incredible human being, Dave Grohl. He was so incredibly kind and supportive to us when we were first starting out and we were so sad to hear he broke his leg because we love him so much. And Dave if you are listening..we love you, we all love you! And we hope through the Glastonbury ley lines this gets to you and you feel better…we’re sending you so much love. This one’s for you Dave.”