A lot of weird shit goes on at festivals around the world. The Sherp compiles a list of 10 such videos that make you go WTF?


1. K-Dot probably wasn’t expecting this when he accepted this ‘white boy’s’ challenge! Kendrick almost got upstaged here!


2. I’m gonna knock you out! Mama said knock you out!


3. Not every Asian guy with shades and long hair is Steve Aoki.


4. Putting on a cape apparently doesn’t give you the ability to fly.


5. What ISΒ That?


6. The grace. The poise. Majestic AF.


7. This is pretty self explanatory. I think.


8. Alright David. We know you’re not tripping on your own music cause it’s just not that good.


9. That was probably the wettest, slipperiest slide he has ever been on.


10. When you just give up on life.