Congratulations, the university of your dreams has accepted your application. Now, you need to make a lot of preparations and be fully armed before the next academic year. Essentially, you will need any help you can get.

Studying at a new place will be challenging in more than one way. Besides a tight academic schedule, you will need to adjust to a new life rhythm. One of the most acceptable ways to get used to a new life tempo is paper writing by PaperWriter to make more free time for yourself.

Besides, your smartphone may become a lifesaver with the right set of applications. The following list of applications will help you survive your first year in college. No matter what smartphone you use. These applications are universal and may work on any device.

Google Maps

First and foremost, you need to install Google Maps. It is a default application for many devices. Google Maps will help you to navigate the campus and other important locations. Finding places such as libraries, cafes, and drug stores is possible with this app.

Google Map has the function of downloading the map beforehand and then providing the information in offline mode. You will never get lost, even if you lose an internet connection. The application has voice assistance also and will help in navigation in busy, crowded places.

Khan Academy

No matter what course you attend, Khan Academy will be useful for everyone. It is an interactive encyclopedia with many academic courses on different subjects. The application will not substitute a real education but will greatly help to hone your knowledge.

Whether you are preparing before a test or want to refresh knowledge in a certain academic sphere, Khan Academy will provide all the necessary materials. The application has a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation.

You will find all the necessary materials in a few clicks. Besides theory, Khan Academy provides options for practice too. If you feel enthusiastic, you may spend even more time studying. Khan Academy will be a great help in this quest. 


Wikipedia is another academic application that does not require a presentation. Materials directly from Wikipedia are prohibited in usage. However, Wikipedia articles are a perfect starting point for your research.

Besides, the articles have links to credible academic sources that can be used in your projects. Wikipedia is a handy and available resource to learn something quickly or find relevant information.


You will have to deal with many digital books and academic materials. A good reader is essential for managing all of them. ReadEra is a helpful and comfortable application. It can process all electronic document formats, has a practical library, and easy navigation.

ReadEra will be perfect for managing all kinds of materials:

  • Documents
  • Textbooks
  • Essays

This application will come in handy many times.


You will have to make a lot of notes, especially during your first weeks in college. Evernote will help you to make this process easier and more efficient. Evernote combines different elements such as actual notes, calendar, and multimedia gallery.

You can keep all the necessary information in one place and have quick access to it. Evernote has a simple and effective interface and works perfectly on any device.

Google Docs

This application is essential if you write something in the cloud. Google Docs gives access to your documents from any device. This feature allows you to start writing in one place and then edit your materials in the other.

Google Docs has a familiar interface of an office program with all familiar functionality. If you have sudden inspiration and some additional details to your essay, Google Docs will make editing easy and quick.


This application is a must-have if you want to write well. Grammarly provides in-depth grammatical corrections of your documents. Its free version gives powerful tools to edit all of your documents.

The most important feature of Grammarly is its compatibility. You can install it for your smartphone, laptop, or any other device. Grammarly is compatible with Google Docs as well. All your documents and important correspondence will look accurate with Grammarly.


You will need a good dictionary in any college and any course. There will be a lot of new terminologies, intricate descriptions, and generally complex texts. A good, portable dictionary will save you a lot of time.

The world’s best dictionaries have their app analog. You may choose from:

  • Oxford dictionary
  • Merriam-Webster
  • application

These dictionaries prove themselves useful in many areas and will help you too.

Fitness Pal

Survival in college is not only an academic challenge. You need to take care of your body as well. Fitness Pal is an application that will provide you with everyday healthy solutions.

The application has home exercises, diet advice, and a calendar to track your progress. Fitness Pal helps you maintain a healthy shape, which is crucial for efficient studying.

Voice Assistant

It is easy to get lost in such numerous helpful applications. Voice assistants will help organize everything and provide quick access to vital information. There are many popular voice assistants. Cortana, Alexa, and Google voice assistant are the most widely spread options.

Choose the one that fits your preferences and has instant access to all of your smartphone functionality. A VA can open applications, search for information, make notes, and set an alarm clock.

In the constant rush of a busy student’s life, you may forget something or don’t have a possibility for long interaction with a smartphone. A voice assistant is a great helper in any situation.

Final Words

The first year of college is a thrilling experience. There will be a lot of new impressions, new people, and new challenges. Luckily, there are applications for each of the upcoming barriers.

Naturally, you can’t be ready for everything. But, the right set of apps will make your smartphone a valuable helper in social and academic environments. It will give you the confidence to face whatever the future holds for you.