UK’s Gin Festival’s team is expanding their spirit-based properties with a festival dedicated solely to rum this summer at Plymouth, UK!

With over 1000 people having already indicated their interest on social media for the event which is due to take place on August 19th, attendees will have access to the widest selection of rum in the UK with rare and craft varieties from across the world on offer from the West Indies, Cuba, South America, and The United States.

The festival is open to everyone above 18 and offers rum sampling, talks from some of the finest rum producers, cocktail demos, an opportunity to interact with distillers and trade stands, apart from live entertainment. Attendees can explore the range to find a favourite amongst Dark, Light, Spiced, Gold, Overproof or flavoured, all within a Caribbean-themed atmosphere.

Credits: Rum Festival UK

The Rum ‘n’ Reggae festival is also sure to get attendees hearts and feet moving with touring reggae bands and steel drumming LIVE, and an indoor Caribbean Ru Beach party! More editions of the rum festival will be taking place across the UK with events planned in Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff, Sheffield, London, and Leamington Spa.

Book your slot to savour the favourite spirit of the west at the grand Plymouth Guildhall here!