There are rumors and many fas do think that Travis Scott will release a new mixtape before releasing his new album. ”Utopia”, which he is teasing for the past year.

The Houston rapper is rumored to release two hit projects. A new mixtape which the fans think will be called- “Dystopia” and his full-length album- “Utopia”.

Travis Scott might be thinking of introducing this mixtape in the coming weeks. Which would mark the first look into this new era for him. He has done this before as well when he released “ Days Before Roadeo”. Before releasing his album “Roadeo” back in 2015.

This could be his way of giving a small hint and allowing fans. Setting their expectations of what the main album could be like. 

It has been almost 3 years since Travis Scott had released his super hit album, “Astroworld”. Astroworld was nominated for “Best Rap Album” at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, with hit-single Sicko Mode also earning nominations in the “Best Rap Performance” and “Best Rap Song” categories.

Both NME and The Independent gave it five stars, with the prestigious Pitchfork awarding it the honor of an esteemed 7.8/10. Rolling Stone considered it the sixth best album of 2018, and the record featured extensively on many critics end of year lists. 

The rumors are coming from various sources, including @OnnThinIce on Twitter. They had also specified that “Utopia was always scheduled for 2022.

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