Games have developed so much in the past 10-15 years. From simple top-bottom 2D view to Virtual reality, there is no denying games have progressed to a whole new level. Even though many people are excited to play the newest game available in the market; many are still excited to play which were released way back. Many still enjoy playing retro games and if you are one of them; then here are some top retro games that you should try out.

Super Mario World

This was a launch game for Nintendo’s new 16-bit console. Super Mario World delivered tightly designed levels that were bristling with imagination and ingenuity. It introduced players to Yoshi; allowed Mario to take to the skies with a new cape power-up; and was filled with all manner of hidden secrets that begged you to explore every part of the game. It’s a masterpiece in 2D game design.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game was perfectly structured with exciting cutscenes that pushed the engaging story forward while showing off the power of Nintendo’s new 3D console. Ocarina’s greatest triumph was its solid realistic world which feels lived in and full of character. Ocarina had a strong story, satisfying combat mechanics and memorable boss fights. It’s a game filled with sublime moments and like Super Mario 64, it proved just how well traditional 2D games could translate to exciting new 3D worlds. 

Super Mario Kart

The game was originally planned as a two-player sequel to F-Zero but the brains at Nintendo had a rethink several months in and soon put Mario and his mates in the game, helping to popularise a whole new sub-genre – kart racing – in the process. Super Mario Kart takes the intense racing and clever track design of F-Zero and adds that all-important multiplayer mode as well as a hellish Battle Mode and Time Trials.


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