Dota 2 or Dota in general is a game about wizards, witches, and other gypsies fighting with each other using their powers. It’s played at a bird’s eye view angle. This segment comes under the MOBA category (multi-player online battle area). This is a game that does not require a lot of space but still keeps you engaged with its unique perspective and battle royale features.

New games similar to DOTA have been launched since their inception on steam

Let’s have a look at them


Strife is a truly free-to-play, competitive, combat. Wherein you take have control of powerful and unique heroes, where everyone is capable of dominating the player against them in unique ways and exert your will in an epic battle between two teams.


Dropzone is a game of action, strategy, and skill. The player has to Win 15 minutes battles by scoring points. You get to Unlock new gear, customize your squad and add new abilities of up to 3 Units and compete in teams of 3 players, 2 players, and even one player at times.

Isekai Eternal Alpha

When it comes to games with people with supernatural abilities you can’t beat the Japanese. Home to anime has yet again got you a new game.

A Fantasy MOBA game that focuses on champions summoned from other worlds to fight in the Isekai Wars. Take control of powerful champions, and fight for freedom or domination!

The MOBA venture of this game has 3 lanes + jungle MOBA with the latest unique features such as a hard to defeat final enemy that will fight back with you and conquest points!. [This game is under constant development hence you may experience some system glitches and bugs and since its server is in the United States It may lag.]


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