This Olympic season don’t just watch the games, experience them right from your mobile phone. As the Tokyo Olympics have already started, the hype for athletic sports is at its peak. And we decided to make a list of games that are based on the Olympic summer games.

The games on the list have multiple sports and events in a single package, giving you the total Olympic experience. And don’t worry, unlike the Olympics you won’t have to qualify to play these games as all of them are free to play!

Sonic at the Olympics 2020

Sonic at the Olympics 2020 is a game that was created to be released during the Tokyo Olympics, Sonic works great as a mascot ad his athleticism is known to everyone!

The game has many mini-events and crazy gameplay mechanics. The EX events are fan favorites and you should definitely try this game out at least once!

Athletics 2: Summer Sports

Athletics 2 is by far the most popular summer Olympics mobile game out there. It doesn’t last top-notch graphics but the gameplay is just phenomenal, and that’s what matters when we’re playing a sports game!

Summer Games Heroes

Summer games heroes is the cutest of the bunch, the chibi characters are what sets it apart from the other. As the characters are timid, maneuvering them becomes really fun and there are a lot of events to be played in this game, you won’t be getting bored anytime soon. It is the most adorable Olympic mobile game out there!

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