A Wall of Death at an EDM festival?

Today’s the first day of the second weekend of Tomorrowland, which was recently announced to be the biggest festival in the world by Forbes. Quite deserved, don’t you think?

Anyhoo, the resident DJs of Tomorrowland the ever energetic duo – Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike will be organizing a ‘Wall of Death’ during their set at the mainstage tonight.  Just like they did last weekend. Go figure.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, a wall of death is a usual partaking at mosh pits at heavy metal concerts, where the crowd splits into two prominent sections of  (like two human walls) and then proceed to violently run and head butt each other, in tune to all the music. Think of it as a scene out of your favourite war movie, like 300 or Troy – where both sides at the beginning of a battle charge at each other.

Except this is supposed to be more fun.

While it’s understandable to take place at a rock show, the idea staging a wall of death at an EDM festival seems kind of…lukewarm? The music is not aggressive enough and the thought of ravers just jumping around each other when the music drops defeats the purpose of a wall of death.

Anyway check out the video of last weekend’s Wall of Death and decide for yourself.