The Wacken Open Air festival is currently in action in Germany where thousands of metal heads have gathered to take part in some hardcore reveling and headbanging with some of the biggest bands in the universe!

A metal music festival is not anything like your Coachella or Tomorrowland. Definitely. It’s a place with friendly people, no doubt, bu the music brings out the wild side for any true metal fan. Things can get pretty wild in an instant. The Sherp tells you the basics of how to survive a metal music festival. So pay close attention! 

1. The dress code holds great importance. 


It’s an unwritten rule that everyone at a metal concert is going to be dressed in one common color. Black. Black. And only Black. So make sure you support your favorite band and preferably choose black, otherwise you just end up sticking out in the crowd like a sore thumb! 

2. The right shoes are VERY important!


If possible, wear steel-toed boots. We’re kidding. But still, we meant that. At these festivals, you better be ready to get your feet stomped on by some angry Germans who are totally lost in the music. Any kind of flip-flops, sandals are a BIG no-no. For obvious reasons! 

3.  Ze Mosh Pit

Everyone knows the infamous mosh pit. It’s not a place for the weak hearted or the frail. If you’re brave enough to endure the madness, make sure you take a deep breath before you enter the ring of doom. If you plan on just looking at hell break loose from a distance, make sure you’re far away from the ring or you’ll get sucked in. Definitely a place for people who are totally into letting their hair down! 

4. The Wall of Death

This one is the big bad brother of the mosh pit. Imagine yourself in an army getting ready to face off against another army lined up in front of you. That is EXACTLY what the wall of death is, and it stands true to its name. If not careful, things can get pretty out of hand. Some of the biggest metal festivals have seen the biggest Wall of Deaths over time and the people who were in them would sure have some insane stories to recount! 

5. Throw The Goat


You’re probably wondering what “Throw the goat” means. You close your two middle fingers and thumb and let your index and pinky finger point upwards, thus forming the most universal metal worshiped sign in the world, the devil horns. Any true metal fans knows the importance and reverence of this sign. Salute your favorite bands and rock out when they’re on stage!