Stranger things have happened. #SlothFest #SlothBySlothWest

Sloths have inadvertently become a part of modern pop culture. With thousands of hilarious memes and jokes, the sloth is one of the most popular animals next to the Doge meme. This love for the animal has been taken to new levels with the apparent organizing of a sloth festival. According to a Facebook event called the 1st Annual San Francisco Sloth Festival created by Mark Stebbins, the head of Spirit Animal Productionsthe festival will take place on August 27. The exact venue is yet to be announced but over 22,000 people have already RSVP’d and at least 3000 have hit the “interested” button.


(Courtesy : Facebook/Mark Stebbins)

What might have begun as a joke or to gauge interest and feasibility is now on its way to become a reality. With such a huge response on social media, the organizers issued the following statement, “Due to the unprecedented interest in the 1st Annual San Francisco Sloth Festival, we have all decided unanimously that we must bring you the biggest, most outrageously slothtastic Sloth Festival the world has ever seen…and we can only accomplish this by taking a cue from our dear friend the sloth, and doing it slowly: these things cannot be rushed. We need to take our time to plan slowly and carefully to ensure this festival not only lives up to all the hype, but also far surpasses it.”


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Organizers are now in the process of procuring a new location for such a huge crowd, negotiating the contract and securing permits, which is a hairy endeavor when such special creatures are involved. In addition the new venue promises to be the perfect place to accommodate the planned musical acts, art exhibits, live sloth-themed art installations, food and merchandise vendors in addition to the festival attendees. A portion of all revenues will be donated to sloth sanctuaries in the USA and Costa Rica,

Stay tuned for more details on this bizarre festival!