Last weekend, Toronto got to experience a festival that brought everyone together, through great production design, creative ideas, and lineup that no one could turn down. But Bestival Toronto wasn’t just about the music, it proved to show that festivals are more about the experience one has than just the music you’ve come to listen to. Here’s the top moments that we thought everyone should know about!


1. The Bestival Parade

What could get someone’s attention from the stage? A parade that literally goes around the entire festival, bringing along with them music and dance, and a trail of festivalgoers who want to join in on the fun.


2. Yarn Tent

Who would’ve thought putting up a yarn tent in the middle of the festival would be a great idea? Initially, the idea never clicked with us, but then as we actually got there, we realized this was such a fun and bonding moment; where you had someone assist you in taking a knitting break and creating something out of nothing.


3. The Bollywood Stage

The most intricately designed stage of them all. The Bollywood stage attracted a good number of attendees from start to finish, not just for it’s artists, but for the aesthetics and visual appeal of the stage. From pyrotechnics to live dancers, this stage delivered in more ways than one.


4. The Costumes

What could make Bestival even better? When the crowd takes part and becomes a part of Bestival. This weekend, we saw costumes of all sizes and shapes, of whatever the human mind could conceive. Each one made with delicate detail, showing how much the audience looked forward to the festival.


5. The View at Sundays Best

Walk your way past all the stages, find yourself a narrow wooden path, cross it, and you’ve now entered the clothing-optional beach, where Sundays Best was hosting their little beach stage. Here you’d find the ones who want to relax and take in the breathtaking view of Toronto’s skyline as the sunset, with DJ’s making sure the music fit the ambience.


6. The Food Trucks

Everyone gets hungry at a festival. I mean, all the dancing must really take away from you. Bestival had just the solutions, an array of food trucks that offered food options that were above and beyond regular festival food. From bacon wrapped hot dogs, to fully loaded corn dogs; think of a concoction, and it was here.


7. The Positive Vibes

All in all, with everything combined, what we got was a festival with such positive vibes; absolutely nothing could ruin it for you. From the people to the performers to the environment, everything shouted of peace and love.