The world’s greatest band (we don’t care of the general consensus) just pulled the greatest prank or troll, on all of us. Amidst (lame) breakup rumours, the band put out a hilarious official band announcement video, with the tagline ‘For the millionth time, we’re not going breaking up. And nobody’s going fucking solo’. 

So with all this Foo Fighters related buzz, we thought we’d revisit some choice festival performances by the band that are more than just moments of glory. Here you go :

1.  Itunes Festival, 2011

A two and a half hour mammoth set (27 songs) of the band’s greatest hits, starting with an energetic Bridge Burning after which Grohl and his men delved into Learn to Fly, Times like These, Break Out, Dear Rosemary, Wheels, Skin and Bones, These Days and so many more, until they ended on a perfect note with Everlong. Sometime during the set, Grohl gets a knucklehead kicked out of the audience for causing a fight. Just another regular day for the Foo Fighters.


2.Reading Festival 2012

As the proverbial rock ‘n’ roll mecca of music festivals in the UK, Reading Festival managed to bag Foo Fighters as a headliner for its 2012 edition, much to everyone’s delight. When the band got onto stage, over 50000 fans sang along to every song performed. Talk about being revered and iconic!


3. Lollapalooza Brazil 2012

High on their touring binge in 2012, the band heading to South America to deliver some typical Foo Fighter realness. Also, how adorable is Dave Grohl in his little hair band? Very.


4. Bizarre Festival 2000 Germany

Back to when Foo Fighters were young and edgy, here you can watch a really good festival set of them. By then the band’s popularity was surging, with front-man Dave Grohl doing hilarious TV interviews and the like. What will make you smile is the typical 90’s gear and haircuts the band dons. Total throwback, you guys!


5. Live Earth Festival 2007

Another one of those iconic stage performances, that cemented Foo Fighters position in the rock and roll industry. Live Earth in 2007 was epic, and Foo Fighters singing to a stadium full of people (who sang right back) was the highlight of it all.


6. Austin City Limits 2014

To those of you aspiring vocalists and performers, you could learn a lot from this band about crowd interaction and audience involvement in live stage performances. As always, FF nailed it at the Austin City Limits festival in 2014.


7. Austin City Limits 2015

Even broken leg cannot stop Dave Grohl and his band of merry men. Watch below the reason why they’re the greatest band in the world.