Corona Sunsets returns to the country’s hippest capital, Mumbai, for what will be an incredible run! So here’s The Sherp guiding you to make the most of it.

In a few days, the grand sea-facing arcade of The Dome, at the luxuriously resplendent InterContinental hotel in Mumbai will be all set to welcome the traveling sundown festival of Corona Sunsets. Since its Indian invasion, the festival has come up with brilliant editions at Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore, having brought down incredible musicians such as Mambo Brothers, Darlyn Vlys, Hollen, and Sam Paganini, among other incredible dance music maestros.

Inspired by the magic hour of the evening, Corona Sunsets brings an evening of incredible music, that encourages one to unplug, kickback and be part of a growing dance music community. The traveling festival has been to Mexico, Italy, Ibiza, UK and China, before coming to India, and has been turning up with an incredible tour so far.

Now returning to Mumbai for a second run, we think it time you know just how to make the most of Corona Sunsets’ incredible sun-kissed experience! These dos and don’ts will leave you sorted –

Do – Prep up for the evening

The sundown festival is called thus, for you can enjoy an incredible lineup of dance music while witnessing the sun take the plunge in the far ends of the horizon. Prepare yourself for the ultimate carefree evening by coming in with a calm, composed demeanour!


Do – Dress up, even while you dress down

Corona Sunsets is a party that brings together a close knit of individuals who all love the same things – watching the sunset, dance music, beer, and partying. So, while you’re required to be your casual best, it’s that one evening, where you would love to play dress up! Go semi-casual, at best.

Don’t – Tease the sea breeze

For the upcoming Mumbai run, Corona Sunsets is all set to takeover the pristine, sea-facing Dome at InterContinental. The iconic Marine Drive-facing location will prove the perfect accomplice to the night. One warning though – the evening chills of the incoming winter season might require you cover up as the night progresses.

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Do – Keep yourself ready for some beer binging

Corona Sunsets might be a great time to kickback to some incredible dance music, but it’s also the time for some beer binging. It’s Corona, after all. Save yourself the evening for some incredible amount of beer swinging.



Don’t – Be stressful

The whole idea of Corona Sunsets is a promise of a composed, spontaneous, indulgent evening for enthusiasts. One, where the stress of work and pressure is left by the bay, as a community of people come together for an evening of fun, with the cooling effects of the setting sun as the backdrop. So, leave back your hangups! It’s time to let go.


Do – Bring on your party spirit

Do not let yourself be intimidated by the growing tension of the mundane, because Corona Sunsets will be the only grand party, with a dose of tranquility. Dance your heart out, with an intimate group of people wishing to pick things up from where monotony left them. Unplug, just right.


Do – Be ready for some incredible music

Corona Sunsets brings down some incredible lineup of dance music producers who perform hand in hand with homegrown talent, thereby getting you evenings of eclectic music. It’s the best kind of relaxation there is, as enthusiasts get to enjoy the best of beat productions, while downing the evening like a pro.


Don’t –  Be a snob. Love all

Corona Sunsets brings together a close-knit group of people who enjoy dazzling, experimental sound as well as kicking back to the setting sun. The evenings are vivacious with the sound of music and friendship, beer guzzles and conversations. And while at it, you may not want to miss the cusp of the evening, by being to yourself. Be inclusive and go all in!


(All images via : Corona India unless mentioned otherwise)