It’s one thing getting stuck into an online game for an hour or so on an evening, but it’s quite another getting ahead in a tournament. The odd football match here and there or a round of cards with friends is certainly great fun, but there’s a real sense of achievement that comes with winning something big. Playing for the long haul is full of new challenges and plenty of excitement. These games offer you the option to compete in a tournament and really prove your skill.

PokerStars Home Games

If your group of pals isn’t afraid of some friendly competition, then a poker tournament could be a great source of entertainment. It can be a little difficult keeping track of the rankings, but with a PokerStars Home Game, that part is done for you, and being able to play with just friends means that the chat is always certain to be lively. All you need to do is brush up on some game strategy before you begin and set an end date for your tournament; then, plan a time to start the first game and let the fun begin. Poker is a great choice for a tournament because, as well as being great fun, it’s also deeply strategic, so you’ll be working out your brain too.

Start a FIFA Tournament

FIFA is every football fan’s favourite. If you’re missing the Premier League action then why not recreate it with your friends? There are tournament generators online which allow you to be even more specific than the in-game generator that FIFA provides. One such generator allows you to play against any team you choose, rather than only being able to choose between your own teams. This means that you’re not always playing against yourself, making the game much more exciting and somehow closer to real life. If you’re itching to start the football season, then why not get it going online first?

Begin Your Competitive Darts Career

Webcam darts is a great fun way to stay in touch with friends and there are tournament options for most days of the week

There are few games that are as integral to catching up with friends as darts. You can enjoy a drink and a chat, all whilst taking part in the game. If you can’t get out to play darts though, then that’s not to say you should miss out on the fun. The Webcam Darts Association was founded 6 years ago to solve just that problem. All you need to be able to compete in their league is your own dartboard and darts, a webcam with a microphone, and a little spare time. You can then get yourself set up to play a game of darts against anybody else in the world. You can choose to play one off games or get involved in their famous weekend tournaments. Join leagues, create your own leagues and generally have just as much fun online as you would out in the real world.

Get Involved with an eSports Tournament

Some of the youngest people on the rich list have got there through their videogame prowess. If that’s the sort of thing that you fancy your chances at, then an online eSports tournament could be for you! Of course, the competition is incredibly hot, and the prize money is larger at the ‘in person’ tournaments. However, it’s really great fun being part of that community and even if you don’t walk away with any prize money, the idea that you could is often incentive enough for you to play to your very best ability. There are several companies that organize the online tournaments, but Glory 4 Gamers has a particularly simple interface and a good selection of games to choose from.

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