A small scale affair that began over four decades ago, the Texas Renaissance Festival has grown into the “King of its Kind”.

2015 marks the 41st year of the Texas Renaissance Festival, an event that has grown to massive proportions with half a million guests over its many weekends. This year’s opening weekend had a record attendance of over 60,000 people! Founded in 1974 by George Coulam, it has since become the primary festival attraction in Todd Mission, Texas. It is said to be the world’s largest Renaissance theme park, sitting over 55 acres of land.


History buffs and drama enthusiasts unite at this vast stomping ground for noble lords and corseted ladies. There are people dressed as jesters, fortune tellers, wenches and many more in this alternate medieval land. Activities like theatrics, jousting, archery, juggling, libations, and games like Drench-a-Wench exist in this wonderful land. Over 400 actors are hired and become a part fo the crowd, creating an even more realistic experience.


This year’s Renaissance Festival is nearing its end, so if you want to attend it, now is the time. From October 10-November 29, the festival has had weekends with themes that ranged from German, Scottish and Roman, to Highland, Barbarian, and even a Halloween special!