Germany is a growing destination for many a rock fest gatherings, but little would you know that a demure summer festival will be raking in the warmth this August.

Making its debut this summer is an offbeat singular offering from Germany, a summer festival staying true to its seasonal deliverance – bringing together some fine collection of folk and rock musicians, along with delectable establishments of food and wine, accompanied with a great curation of art. In the scenic green spaces of  Luhmühlen, Germany, the festival will come to life the upcoming first weekend of August in a brilliant four-day display, and we’re here to tell you exactly what makes it unique.


Summer getaway

A Summer’s Tale, from the periphery, looks like the perfect season offering. And is thus communicative in every activity that it has up its sleeve, right from the lineup featuring music that’s perfect for a warm summer afternoon, to the wine and dine collection.

Earthy spirit

What helps in the ingenuity that A Summer’s Tale so aspires is its location. Taking place in the green expanse of Luhmühlen, the setting is just right for one to kick off those summer slippers, and laze on the lawns to some comfortably satisfying musical offerings.




The perfect summer lineup

Rarely does it happen that a festival scores the perfect lineup, just the right kind of musical stars that do full justice to its theme. In that space, A Summer’s Tale has, perhaps, brought together the best kind of musical offering. Featuring various establishing and up and coming artists from rock, folk and pop rock space, the music alone makes the festival worth a visit.



The Sherp picks the biggest names from the lineup!

Patti Smith

Patti Smith is a creative goddess, and that has been well established. Not just a singer-songstress of incredible verve, Smith was also one of the pioneering faces of the New York creative revolution, the kind that saw emergence of Lou Reed and Andy Warhol. Often referred to as a punk poetess owing to her ostensibly powerful lyrics that accompany her punk rock compilation, Smith is quite easily the staggering force in the festival’s lineup.

Damien Rice

The multi-instrumentalist par excellence, Damien Rice breathes soul and refinement into his deeply soothing and gratifying music. The singer has no just produced albums that are musically brilliant, but has also contributed his music to a bunch of freedom movements proving himself as a voice with meaning. Also, his voice stands a perfect accompaniment for a summer festival.


This french songstress known incredibly well for the personality she brings onto her live performance, is a powerhouse when it comes to mixing acoustic crooning with jazz undertones. Her incredibly peppy numbers make for fun summer offerings.

Belle & Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian is testament to how indie pop can sound beautiful, almost even thirty years after formation, and it riles us up how largely ignored this band seems to be in India. Melodic music, soulful lyrics, and beautiful vocals, they’re just the band to wind up with after a long day, as they work as well as a soothing balm.


The American indie rock trio is the offering that promises gratifying amounts of guitar play and rock angst we are want to associate with alternative rock acts. But what gives their act uniqueness is their ability to retain an independent spirit in their tunes.


A Summer’s Tale promises deliverance of great curation of art – there will be movie screenings, workshops for attendees and art installations to boot.

Wine and Dine

As mentioned above, the festival is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to its delectable offerings, bringing together a bunch of gourmet chefs and local vendors, along with neighbourhood restaurateurs for its neat food offerings.






(All images source: A Summer’s Tale Facebook)