The evolution of Sula’s wine fest has been exponential in its growth. We analyze whether it’s only going to get better.

A one-of-its kind festival, Sula Fest debuted on the scene in 2008.  Held in the Sula Vineyards cradled idly 180 kilometers above Mumbai in the quiet city of Nashik, the fest initially was a one-day event, which blossomed into two after garnering an amazing response from avid wine and music lovers alike.

I.The Big Break:

It was only in 2010 when it truly exploded in the national scene, attracting the elite audience from Mumbai and Pune with its promise of gallons of wine and classy music.

The 2010 edition of the Fest saw some of the biggest artists from the Indian music scene taking to the stage. A stellar line-up that comprised of kingpins like Jalebee Cartel, Something Relevant, Shkabang, Ankur & The Ghalat Family kept the audience busy throughout the one day event. The next year saw bigger acts like Pentagram, MidivalPunditz and Tough On Tobacco gracing Sula’s amphitheater and mesmerising the crowd. Music coupled with some fantastic wine tasting galore, grape-stomping, tours and other binging events made this the perfect setup for one and all. A turn-up of more than 4000 people guaranteed the Fest, making it a hit.


II. Twice as Nice:

In the 2012 edition, the festival took another giant leap and expanded over two days. This fifth installment also witnessed some of the biggest names like Dualist Inquiry, Soulmate and DJ Sasha among others giving their all for the crowd. Plus by serving some delectable food and wine, and catering to the inquisitive kind with tarot reading, palmistry, and offers to unwind with an eclectic blend of massage therapies and more, the festival managed to pull in a colossal crowd from across the country.


III. Third Time Lucky?

2013’s Sula Fest, held on February 2 and 3, promised to keep the consistent upward evolution going and by all reviews they kept their promise. In fact some even referred to it as bigger, better and louder than ever before! Organizers rolled out the big guns as far as lineups were concerned and Sula equipped their stages with Swarathma, Deep Forest, Saint Germain DJ  (who pulled in a massive crowd) and hordes of others to enthrall the inebriated audience. The Sulafest Bazaar, their new initiative, was also up and catered to all the shopaholics’ whims and fancies. And as always, there was the usual grape-stomping extravaganza to revel in so if we had to trace it back to its roots the answer’s fairly clear—the festival’s only snowballing as the years go by. All the more reason to make sure we get our butts to Sula Fest 2014!