Who wouldn’t want to be proposed to in the middle of an exotic EDM festival?

Fiji’s ‘Your Paradise’ festival is going to be remembered by all attendees for it’s 6-day musical extravaganza and the good fortune to watch one of the biggest’s DJs in the world, Skrillex, perform live. But, it holds an extra special place in this young couple’s hearts.

In an epic turn of events for a blessed fan, Malcolm, the groom-to-be, was invited over stage by the celebrated DJ with “Where Are Ü Now?” gracing the moment  in the background. Malcolm then invited his now-fiancée Jen, and proposed to her in the most romantic way ever ! 

Of course, many of us would kill to have Skrillex propose to us, let alone be proposed to or initiate a marriage proposal in the most memorable way possible! Imagine the crowd chanting your name while your boyfriend pops the question, or imagine asking your girl out in front of the best crowd and in the most epic way ever! Jen couldn’t stop gushing over it and melted into a puddle of tears before saying YES !

Whatever genre you fancy in electronic music, whatever festivals you frequent, Skrillex has appeared and will continue to appear. His hair alone is a conversation starter, and then there’s all of these awesome things he does that just tug at the strings of our heart. We have to universally acknowledge the awesomeness that is this three-times Grammy award winner DJ and producer.

This takes anyone’s Facebook declaration of proposal down headfirst !