A disturbing footage from the Sydney leg of Stereosonic captured an all out brawl between 20 beefed up men  

stereosonic(Image Courtesy: Stereosonic Facebook)

Stereosonic, the largest electronic music festival in the southern hemisphere, kicked off this past week with some scintillating acts spread out over 5 Australian cities. The Sydney edition was left with a blemish, as a video of a full scale brawl from the festival went viral over the internet.

A group of 20 or so men were filmed aggressively landing punches against one another in this 3 minute video. The film also features a man in blue shorts lying down unconscious after receiving a blow to the head himself, while security guards tried to escort the two groups aside. According to musicfeeds.au, the footage was captured by Festival-goer Trent Auld who described it as follows:

“People were being thrown around. You saw people hit the ground or getting stomped on. Punches going everywhere.There was one guy left on the floor and he was in a pretty bad state. I’m not sure how he got taken out of there.”

He also described how the incident completely ruined the rest of Showtek‘s set, and how incidents masterminded by these minorities creates a huge problem for fellow attendees. The Sherp agrees with you, Trent. 

(Cover Image Courtesy: Showtek Facebook)