It’s been an eventful week in the world of festivals. Just in case you missed all the action from this week (January 10 – Janaury 17), here’s The Sherp’s round-up of the top news and stories 



1. For the third year running, the official O.Z.O.R.A. festival film launching party will be held at Shiva Valley with some scintillating acts to boot
ozora peter_nemeshazi
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2. Kazantip has moved to an island in Cambodia

kazantip2Read more about this gorgeous location!


3. Nariyal Paani, a fresh new music and arts festival set in the serene coastal town of Alibaug, will take shape this February.

Festival Location - 2Read on to find out more about this festival


4. Every year during the months of  January and February, China hosts the wonderful Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, that often rakes in a turnout of 800,000 people – making it the best time to visit the country.

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6. Burning Man : There’s Going To Be A Boeing 747 On The Playa, This Year 

burning man plane
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7. 9 magical winter festivals that should be on your bucket list

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