The spectacle that was Tomorrowland, was easily the most talked about event over the past two weekends. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe flocked to the tiny settlement in Belgium to witness the largest dance music gathering on the planet.

People made sure they dressed extravagantly, and The Sherp showcases some of the best Instagram moments, from smack in the midst of the inhabitants at Tomorrowland:


Have you ever seen a happier flight crew?


Dude, I think somebody just wacked our tents.


How not to lose your friends at a festival Tip #1 – Color coordination.


The message at Dreamville was loud & clear.


Mexican girls putting Picasso to shame.


Bad weather didn’t dampen the Tomorrowland spirit


The Brazilian contingent making their presence felt. Tomorrowland Brazil awaits.


One simply cannot describe how badly this jump was timed. Fail.


Acquainting younglings at an early age


Asian dude’s got some serious swag.


Last minute change in plan. Ditching Comic Con for Tomorrowland.


Ladies & gentleman, that’s how you nail an inch perfect Aoki jump.


Ice tea showers. We foresee this becoming a new trend. Ok No.


Meanwhile cat fights ensued at Dreamville..


..and making love in your private tents became too mainstream.


Shoulder lifting was pushed to another ‘level’..


..While this guy had no issues catching the best seat in the house


And nothing beats passing out after a long day of sincere raving.