But expect the results to be on the funnier side!

Musical icon A.R. Rahman put a post on Facebook last month asking people on the social media website to rearrange the lyrics of one of his hit songs ‘Take it easy, Urvasi’ for a performance and we’re gearing up for the outcome.

The song was first released in 1990s after it was featured in the Tamil film “Kadhalan” and it’s Hindi remake “Humse Hai Muqabla”. But, in order to avoid any unnecessary attention, the singer/composer asked people to exclude topics around the demonetisation in India, Hilary Clinton and obviously Donald Trump. See the whole post:

This post resulted over 900 comments being sent across to the singer from both Hindi and Tamil speaking individuals and some of them are witty AF! Check them out a few here:

“Friend request reject-aana, take it easy Urvasi!”

“Palaya kadhali, blocking panna, take it easy Urvasi!”

“Seflie photo sumaara irrundha, take it easy Urvasi!”

“Engineering padichi velai illa na, take it easy policy.”

The master will have to be really focused while creating this version, but he’s won an Oscar so he’ll be fine.

(Credits: firstpost.com)

It has been a month since the post went up and apparently the composer has finished making the changes in the song. This will surely attract more fans from the current crop of youngsters. We can’t wait to see how hilarious this one will be!