Here’s a music subscription service that provides an alternative to music piracy.


The next breakthrough for DJs is out in the market – Pulselocker – a music subscription service that targets dance music fans as well as DJs has been launched to the web. Pulselocker was conceptualized to curb music piracy and also to make it cost-effective for DJs. The library has over 4 million tracks, and in order to access it, users pay a monthly subscription fee.

Pulserocker is an interesting blend of Spotify, Beatport and Dropbox. But what sets Pulserocker apart are some of its novel features that are likely to grab a DJ’s attention. First, Pulserocker lets you try out full tracks instead of teasers before you purchase them. These tracks are downloaded to a special folder on your computer, also known as your ‘Locker’. These tracks are accessible through DJ softwares like Traktor Pro and Serato Scratch Live and play them offline like you would with any other digital music files. Depending on your subscription, you can keep up to 1000 tracks on your computer at a time. You also have the option of swapping them out for new tracks as often as you like.

Pulselocker was created by Ben Harris (who is also part fo the house three-piece Dirty Vegas), Alvaro Velila and Josh Goltz along with a team of engineers and music industry professionals. Like any other digital music retailers, you don’t have to be a member to buy the tracks. Pulselocker also includes a social networking component, which is set to expand over the next year. With this, members can ‘follow’ artists, labels and genres.

Like Spotify, Pulselocker is not yet available in India. However, here’s a video that beautifully sums up how Pulselocker works: