It’s The Ship has announced the day-wise schedule of the floating cruise festival embarking from Singapore

ship cover

Deciding your favorite acts to watch at a festival is a dilemma everyone inadvertently falls into. But it’s necessary evil and you just can’t dodge this routine. The phenomenal It’s The Ship will take place on a state-of-the-art Royal Caribbean cruise ship, and is expected to attract around 3,800 passengers to the five day event in the middle of the Caribbean. The ship embarks from Singapore, before passing through the straits of Malacca on the way to Langkawi where a huge beach party is set to take place.


The luxury cruise ship holds 4,180 passengers and has a number of exclusive amenities such as an observation capsule that extends over the water, a Vegas-style casino, 3D cinema, skydiving, rock climbing and an indoor activity space with a flying trapeze, a basketball court, bumper cars, roller skating and a food truck. With the likes of Anish Sood and Dualist Inquiry performing at the festival alongside some of the biggest names in electronic music, it’s time to make your very own schedule because we assure you it’s going to be hectic:





It’s The Ship kicks off in less than 4 days from November 21 – 25. Buy your tickets for the festival HERE 

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