It’s been a decade since Pitchfork Music Festival has been bringing the best in musical talent to its festival arena, so The Sherp is here to celebrate its lineups over the years!

Pitchfork 2015 that is all set to roll on the 17th this weekend has an incredible lineup! That is very well established. But the connoisseur of good music that Pitchfork is, in the last 10 years of its being has given us some incredible headlining performances and newer artists to boot! Today we look back at some of these amazing musicians who’ve been a part of Pitchfork Music Festival’s decade long history,

Intontation Music Festival


That Pitchfork through its publication has been a worthy know-it-all about the music scene was established early on. So it came as no surprise when Pitchfork was chosen to curate the line-up of the Intontation Festival 2005 edition. And true to their reputation, they picked the then nascent Indie sweethearts The Decemberists, post-rock’s brilliant crusaders Tortoise, and Diplo, of his early mixing fame to name a few. It took just a year then for Pitchfork to venture into its own music festival.

1. Pitchfork 2006 reel 2006

(Images: Jen Reel |

In its inaugural run, Pitchfork managed to bring in 41 bands and over a 36,000 number of fans. While Indie rock zealots Silver Jews were one of the headliner, the other was the surprising inclusion of former psychedelic greats Os Mutantes, who got back into the performing groove at the Pitchfork Festival.

2. Pitchfork 2007

Iron n Wine2007 Jason bergman(Credit: Jason Bergman)

De La Soul2007 jen reel(Credit: Jen Reel)

Yoko Ono
2007 Kathryn Yu(Credit: Kathryn Yu)

The 2007 Pitchfork Music Festival edition easily had one of its most diverse sets. The only hitch? Yoko Ono was one of the headliners. Who, may be cool, but stands a questionable headlining selection. Apart from that, the festival brought in some eagerly brilliant names like cult rock band Sonic Youth, indie crooner Iron n Wine, hip-hop figures De La Soul and Canadian rock band The New Pornographers.

3. Pitchfork 2008

Animal Collective
2008 animal collective karra mcdonald(Credit: Karra Mcdonald)

Pitchfork 2008 brought in the mighty Animal Collective as one of its headliners, along with hip hop group Public Enemy and American rock band Spoon. But this edition had a strong indie cred with artists like Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes and Caribou (also on the 2015 edition).

4. Pitchfork 2009


The 2009 run of Pitchfork Music Festival saw three prominent rock bands as headliners – Built to Spill, The National and The Flaming Lips. Apart from that, it featured some credible acts like Yo La Tengo, Doom, M83, Black Lips and The Mae Shi.

5. Pitchfork 2010

LCD Soundsystem
Leigh Ann Hines 2010 lcd
(Credits: Leigh Ann Hines)

The 2010 edition of Pitchfork is often considered one of its very best for that incredible performance by headlining group LCD Soundsystem, often touted as one of the best performances in the festival’s history. The festival also featured some incredible performers like Modest Mouse, Kurt Vile, Panda Bear and Hannibal Buress.

6. Pitchfork 2011

Fleet Foxes2011 fleet foxes leigh ann hines (credits: Leigh Ann Hines)


Just after a span of three years, Animal Collective returned as the headliners for Pitchfork 2011, along with some exciting others like James Blake, Fleet Foxes, Deerhunter and Toro y Moi.

7. Pitchfork 2012



Pitchfork 2012 too was a more cred-filled lineup, with artists like Vampire Weekend, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Kendrick Lamar and Purity Ring. The lack of easily recognisable names will hit you hard.

8. Pitchfork 2013



Pitchfork Music Festival’s 2013 edition was incredibly indie, with some of the talented musicians of the scene selected to play. This included high-octave loving Icelandic songstress Bjork, indiepop sweet group Belle and Sebastian, rising electronic artist Toro y Moi and Canadian multi-instrumentalist Marc Demarco.

9.  Pitchfork 2014



The 2014 Pitchfork Lineup was easily a highlight when it came to festival lineups last year. Just before he could snag a Grammy for his Morning Phase, Beck delivered an incredible performance, followed by hip hop artist of the moment, Kendrick Lamar and Indie sweethearts Neutral Milk Hotel. This along with ambient do-gooders Slowdive and hip hop folk Earl Sweatshirt, Pusha T and synth-pop producer Grimes, it was one of the most cohesive selections.

10.  Pitchfork 2015


The 2015 line-up is undoubtedly one of the festival’s strongest selections. With Sleater-Kinney, Chance The Rapper, The New Pronographers and Mr. Twin Sister. Check out The Sherp’s top 10 artists from the lineup here.

You know what to do on the 17th!