Curation at its best.

Music performances aren’t about ‘just listening’ anymore. It’s the 360-degree experience the audience receives from them. From lighting to designing to stage setups, each of these elements matters so much more in present times. With this in mind, a few people came together and took up the responsibility of heading to the next level.

Pinwheelers design spaces, make films and curate things they love and that includes everything related to music, food, and experiences. Like the wind that animates a pinwheel, they constantly channelize and challenge their inner potential to come up with original ideas and create beautiful experiences for their audience.

Credits : Pinwheelers Facebook Page

Their newest venture, 53 Watts will be taking place at Fun Republic Social. The much-awaited show will kick off at 8:30 pm on the 10th of August 2017, Thursday. Watts 53 serves as a pin code for their partners’ Social, who will be hosting the event. The show will feature some outstanding independent artists like LoboCop, IJA, Laxmi Bomb, Neel Adhikari & Zico (Soutrik Chakraborty)! These guys will have you dancing all night long. You can check out the event page here.

You can expect to have your mind blown with their impressive programming. All you’ve gotta do is turn up!

This is just the beginning for the Pinwheelers. Follow them here for more updates and their upcoming gigs!