Currently, we are in the age where PC games are pretty much the best it gets for gamers looking to immerse themselves into a reality which is lightyears away from practical life. With so many titles available to try out on the internet, it is understandable that you may get lost every little while and again, and you may need a pick me up to put you back on track when it comes to your selections.

Gaming on PC should always reflect a seamless user experience. So, for that reason, we have compiled all the best PC games that we can think of, so you can set yourself up an experience that you will not regret. Make sure to continue reading, to get all the latest details of what games you should be looking out for.


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Magic: The Gathering Arena

After many years and digital variations that did not manage to live up to our expectations, Magic: The Gathering Arena managed to capture an undivided attention. While it is a less complicated game to play in comparison to Hearthstone, the card phases in this game are interruptible, and provide you with great complex gaming scenes that you will not expect. In addition to this, they have a great energy and game environment about them, making it the combo that you wish you could have played much sooner. The mid-match turns are a commonplace, meaning you will be hit with new gaming combinations that you never knew actually existed. However, the best thing about it is, you never get disappointed, just wowed with the new gaming introductions that The Gathering Arena brings to your PC. 

Legends of Runeterra

This game brings to you the League of Legends, and a spin-off version for you to play at that. The games adaption is most impressive, and adapts to the CCG playing style that most PC card gamers are fond of playing. While the game is quite aggressive in the way champions can choose to attack, you will need to wait your turn to have your go at it. The Oracle’s Eye will show you how to make certain attack phases in your gameplay, or remove spell phases when you play. This feature is certainly necessary and super insightful to work with when you are playing. The award system that is featured here when you play is really generous, and you can pick a few booster packs when you least expect it!

Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game

Unfortunately, this game has nothing to do with the Avengers franchise, but it is a CCG that provides a combination of combat (quite similar to Hearthstone), but all players will be able to take turns simultaneously, depending on the cards you have been given by luck. If you are a player that hates waiting around, you will certainly find some form of relief by choosing this game, as it is full speed ahead and you go as quickly as counting 1,2 and 3.

The ability to change your card units, with different time zones around the world, will also give you the opportunity to add game perspective and entertainment with the way you play your offensive. You will be able to swap stronger cards in, or add extra defence when you need it, just in case your opponents pull out something large out of the bag. Always good to be as prepared as you can be right? One thing we do not particularly like, but we have found a way to get past it, is the voice sound acting, it’s super cheesy and doesn’t really blend in well with the sci-fi tone that the game is trying to give to players. That is our only complaint though!


Faeria is a card game that is hex-based, and you play via a board essentially. Players that you play with will take turns in placing tiles down and using the land that it represents. You will need to fight to ensure that you secure a foothold within the region’s map, before your opponents go in hard!

The tiles within the game will represent different terrain that could be used as strategic strongholds for yourself, including forests, lakes, mines etc. Therefore, you will be required to summon specific factions around the magic you possess to grow land and regions for yourself. It will involve quite a lot of fighting, but at the end of it all it certainly will be worth it.

This game used to be a free play game back in the days of its release, however now it does come with a price tag that you will need to play for an entry into your own magical realm. It is certainly worth it though, as from all the games we have listed so far, this one lies as a favourite.


Gwent is another game that first appears to be like the other magical options we have listed within our article, however this game has unfamiliar concepts that we will elaborate on. First and foremost, the game involves three rounds where you will need to use each round as an opportunity to gain higher points as your final total.

The game does start in some ways similar to the Witcher 3, however it has features which make it different to other games too. There is a strategic depth to it, where you will need to think before you act fast and play. You will need to use crew ships, soldiers and an attack to lay siege to supplies and weapons. In addition to this, you will need to fight humans and monsters combined to survive, using your cards as a form of counter attack when need be. The animation of this game with respect is probably the best we have listed so far, the animation is quite premium, and should be very enjoyable for you to experience nevertheless.