Remember when Paris Hilton proclaimed herself to be one of the Top 5 DJ’s in the world? Ha. It gets better.

So according to page six article of the New York Post, the  American celebrity and heiress has recently signed a four gig residency at The Pool at Harrah’s Casino which is in Atlantic City.

Are you kidding me meme

Actually, we’re not. Sorry.

Further information reveals that the deal is supposed to be worth a cool $100K per performance/appearance of hers.
This may come as an unfortunate surprise to some of you, but the heiress HAS enjoyed being the thriving resident DJ in Ibiza (at Amnesia) and is apparently retaining that role this year as well.

And while that 100K seems like a pretty overvalued offer for an heiress who, lets face it- has little or no experience in producing or DJing – The Sherp is hardly surprised. Mainly because it’s the midst of the residency season, with Jersey Shore’s Pauly D, Ne-yo and even Flo Rida being paid big bucks for their presence at clubs.