The recent announcement by IIT Mumbai’s Facebook page about Christopher Nolan coming down to the country is false


In a confusing turn of events and quite soon after it was trending online, Christopher Nolan’s visit to India as a speaker at IIT Mumbai’s Mood Indigo festival has been cancelled. In fact, it never existed to begin with.

The overwhelming coverage this piece of news was getting online with the #NolanInIndia hashtag reached the director and his posse, who in turn denied the visit.

The visit that was supposedly scheduled for December 28 (if the post of the Mood Indigo’s Facebook is anything to go by) was also reported by The Hollywood Reporter claiming, “Christopher Nolan will be honoured in December by the big annual cultural festival organized by the students of the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai.” The report also stated that the director had no idea about the event and wasn’t planning on attending it either.

Yesterday, Mood Indigo confirmed this statement by putting out one of their own.



Moral of the story : Don’t believe anything you read on the internet, unless confirmed by all parties involved.