It’s official – Nikhil Chinapa is now the King of Electronic Music & Party Culture in India!

EDM in India is reaching truly global heights and here is a sign that formally asserts this statement. India’s very own King of Electronic Music & Party Culture has been invited to join the board of advisors of the highly prestigious Association of Electronic Music.

For those of you who may not know–The Association of Electronic Music is a global not-for-profit trade comprising of some of the biggest names in the industry whose main mission is ‘to represent the common interests of all individuals and companies whose business is electronic dance music and to advocate on behalf of electronic dance music as a musical genre’.

Nikhil will be joining industry kingpins like Matthew Adell of Beatport, Carlos Correal of Insomniac/Electric Daisy, James Barton from Cream/Live Nation, Jason Ellis from Virgin Records, David Levy of WME, Patrick Moxey of Ultra Records/Sony who is also one of the founding members, Duncan Stutterheim of ID&T and many more.

Nikhil’s nomination comes at the right moment for EDM fans, artists and the Indian Electronic Music Industry as a whole. At a time when the machinery of this country seems to be running at a bit of a low, it’s nice to see at least one of its developmental cogs working well.