Here’s an Instagram compilation of the most stunning pictures from one of India’s finest celebrations of culture – The Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

For those of you who didn’t know, The Hornbill Festival is Nagaland’s biggest state-sponsored cultural festival, aimed at promoting inter-tribe interaction as well as the rich cultural heritage of the state. Hosted during the first week/ten days of December, the festival also features a exciting bunch of contemporary activities like the Hornbill Rock Festival in Kohima, the biggest and most popular event at the fest. Adventure car rallies, chilli eating contests and other interesting events are also part and parcel of this fest.

The Hornbill Rock Festival also hosts Hornbill International Rock Competition, which has earned the reputation of being a launchpad for many promising bands. By offering prizes ranging from  Rs 30,000 to a whopping Rs 10,00,000, the competition encourages entries from India as well the neighbouring countries, South East Asia and even Australia. Last year, Kolkata-based band Underground Authority, took away the Rs 10,00,000 prize which was used to produce their debut abum.


1. Welcome to a refreshing depiction of culture, dance and authentic Naga food!

(Image Courtesy : Sujaydas_/Instagram)


2. Tribe reppin’

(Image Courtesy : tomofthailand/Instagram)


3. Greased Bamboo Pole Climbing is one of the most coveted activities/competitions at this festival

(Image Courtesy :


4. Every tribe in Nagaland participates, regardless. What a riot of colour and beauty

(Image Courtesy : Sujaydas_/Instagram)


5.  A beautiful picture of a man and woman from the Kachari tribe of Nagaland, taken at the Naga heritage village in Kisama, the venue where the festival takes place

(Image Courtesy: )


6.  Naga’s hottest chillies

(Image Courtesy :


7. For the love of dance and song!




Nagaland’s tribes: dance and song #hornbillfestival #nagaland #india #festival #dance #singing #tribe #tribal #textiles

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9. You can’t help but notice their magnificent traditional headgear

(Image Courtesy:


(Image Courtesy: )



(Image Courtesy :


12. Kohima’s night carnival is a lovely addition to the festival. A perfect setting for family and friends to gather and take part in very carnival-esque activities

(Image Courtesy: )


13. People come dressed for the occasion

(Image Courtesy: )


14. Look at these marley-wigged out cuties!

(Image Courtesy: )


15. What’s a carnival without some joyrides?

Image Courtesy :


16. And some good grub?

(Image Courtesy :


17. And believe it or not, some great EDM too!


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