Mumbai Based Rapper Naezy dropped “Azaad Hu Mai” – an ode to freedom and the responsibility of making the right choices that comes with it, in collaboration with music streaming app Saavn.

The underground hip-hop scene is kicking off with a bang in 2017, with both Mumbai rappers, Divine and Naezy, dropping singles in the last couple of weeks, apart from new music from other Indian rappers and hip hop crews such as Swadesi and MC Mawali. “Azaad Hu Mai” sees Naezy address those who dare to challenge the system and move forward.

Credits: Naezy / Saavn

For Naezy, the collaboration with Saavn is an opportunity to give his socially conscious lyrics a global stage while preserving his roots. “Saavn is making huge strides, giving the Hip Hop movement in our country a crucial platform and I am happy to be a part of this. I look forward to be the first to grace the Artist Originals program as we curate a larger movement that gives artists across our country an opportunity to shine,” said Naezy.
Stream Naezy’s new hard-hitting Urdu track here: