After his smashing performances at the Kolkata and Bangalore editions of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender,  the Bollywood composer is now gearing up for the Pune leg

Amit Trivedi would rather be a man of few words and many melodies than the other way around. Armed with his groovy tunes and a group of heavyweight musicians, he left the audiences at Kolkata and Bangalore wanting for more. The next two weekends will see him hopping from Pune to Delhi, and bringing his signature style to the stages at the festival stages in both the cities.

Ask Trivedi what is that he is looking forward to the most and he says,

“How the crowd would react. It’s interesting to see how an audience that usually would like indie music would react to new-age Bollywood music.”

amit trivedi
Amit Trivedi at the Kolkata edition of Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Fans can expect him to perform some of the most memorable tunes from his wide repertoire, such as ‘Emotional atyachaar’ (Dev. D; 2009), ‘Badri badariya’ (Coke Studio 2012) and ‘Baari baari’ (Coke Studio 2012), among many others. He assures that the audiences can expect “a lot of fun, energy and adrenaline rush.”

Unlike most Bollywood musicians that tour a lot, performing shows in India and abroad, Trivedi is a little picky about his performances. So what makes Bacardi NH7 weekender one of the best places to play at? He says, “The festival that celebrates music so well. All genres and people of different walks of life come together to enjoy music under one roof. There’s nothing like the Weekender out there.” We couldn’t agree more.

Ask him to share a memorable experience from the festival in the past years and he says, “I had seen The Manganiyar Seduction live last year. It was an audio-visual treat. The way Roysten (Abel; creative director) has designed the piece was something I have never seen before.”

The-Manganiyar-Seduction_BaThe Manganiyar Seduction


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