It’s all about the experience.

Music has evolved in a big way in India. While Bollywood dominated the circuit through the 40s and 50s, western music made its way to people’s hearts through the preppy guitar strumming, courtesy The Beatles. Very soon, western styles started finding their way to the urban masses and bootlegged pants weren’t a fashion faux pas. Inching towards the 90s, indi-pop grew to become a rage and everybody knew the lyrics to Baba Sehgal’s infectious tunes and Lucky Ali’s soulful singles. The 2000s brought the remix era and music videos were a bigger hit that the music itself. Today, the time has finally arrived where music is not restricted by genres or boundaries. While the digital medium has given every aspiring musician the platform to showcase his/her talent at no extra cost, live music has finally found its audience. Attending music festivals have become a symbol of status and electronic music has dominated the festival circuit in a big way. Tuning in to late night sessions of indie and downtempo music at clubs has become a way to de-stress after a long day at work.


Slowly, brands started encashing on the growing diversity of music. They began to find their audience at various festivals, shows and gigs and targeting them became a lot easier. But, while most brand looked at simply placing their signages and logos at gigs and festivals, one brand decided to think differently. As part of a bigger initiative, Budweiser set out on a mission to change the way music fans experience their favourite artists, performances, festivals and more. Taking a step out of the box, they decided to create experiences that enhance the way music fans form a tighter association with the artist/festival/gig.

This move made a difference to the Indian music scene in a big way. People were not only consuming good music but also taking home a memorable experience that they would later talk about. Soon, people were taking to social media to put up pictures of the glasses their beverages were served in or the place they would retreat to when taking a break from the music or food that went best with a nice chilled glass of beer. A recent example of this was when Budweiser welcomed a major electronic music festival brand to the country for the first time and curated an experience that was never seen before at a music festival in India. 


And now, they are bringing Boiler Room, the world’s leading online broadcaster, to the country for a second edition in Bengaluru today, on April 7th. It will be also be the second of a 12-part global event series called ‘Boiler Room x Budweiser Discover What’s Brewing…’ that seeks to tell the story of music scenes around the globe. Taking advantage of the fact that there is a fresh crop of artists that are waiting to burst into the electronic music scene, Budweiser and Boiler Room have laid out a platform for rising artists to export their fresh sounds. Riding on its campaign titled ‘Brewed The Hard Way’, Boiler Room x Budweiser Discover What’s Brewing… has created the perfect space for artists who embody values of ambition, authenticity and freedom to express their unique sounds. 

Credits: Kaushik Thanekar

For their second edition of Boiler Room x Budweiser Discover What’s Brewing…, in Bengaluru, they have curated a show with top international and Indian artists who will take their underground sounds to the next level. Artists like Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke, Jlin, Avril Stormy Unger, Kumail and Aerate Sound (Joe Panicker & Naquash) are all set to provide the Boiler Room experience that fans are used to witnessing at the international level. Though it caters to a niche audience, by bringing the second edition of Boiler Room in Bengaluru, Budweiser will treat music lovers to a liberating and truly authentic musical experience, which completely resonates with the brand. After the success of its first edition in Mumbai, Boiler Room x Budweiser Discover What’s Brewing… will introduce this unique genre of music to other cities in India.

So, if you have been lucky enough to get an invite, these are the details you need.

Boiler Room x Budweiser What’s Brewing In… Bengaluru

City: Bengaluru

Date: Today, April 7th

Day: Friday

Entry: By invite