Less than 4 days to go, the LIB schedules are here for you to start planning your weekend in Central California.


After revealing a lineup that features Flume, Odesza and other brilliant acts, LIB just dropped their festival schedules and “after hours spotlights”. Check them out HERE.


Promised to be a weekend of music, camping, good vibes and yoga, this schedule does not disappoint. The picturesque festival’s afterhours spotlights hit two sweet spots, perfect for the festival’s afterparties. Favela Bar, built essentially from recycled materials, retired art projects and old stage parts, represents the more understated hush you need after the blazing chaos at the stage, and Pagoda Bar, nestled on a hilltop with a breathtaking view of the sunset, is where you can sit back and sip on a chilled brew.

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Buy tickets for the festival here, and stay put for more updates. You can also watch LIB’s insane festival video below, to get into the groove of the fest.