Love is a beautiful feeling of liberation when two souls unite. As humans, we all long to experience this priceless feeling, but is love even worth it if it stays confined behind the bars of feeling?

Well, the season of love is around the corner, which means a perfect time to make the heart of your special one flutter out of affectionate gestures and a well-crafted surprise Valentine date.

 Are you a gentleman/ lady hustling  9 to 5? and haven’t figured anything for Valentine yet? Or are you someone who finds it a bit hesitant to express yourself romantically and haven’t planned anything previously?

Well, this article is for you. We have exclusively bought the last minute enchanting gateways ideas that could potentially make your day feel like a precious gift for a lifetime.

Let’s see how?

Gadda Da Vida, Novotel – Mumbai

How about spending your evening with your favorite sunshine sitting right next to you? Already Sound romantic, isn’t it?

Well, here you can enjoy your valentine’s date on a cushioned longed chair spread facing the Arabian sea. From where you get an eyeful of the ocean and mildly comforting breeze making it more intense and intimate for you and your beloved one.

This serene cocktail bar located in the Juhu region offers continental dishes of all kinds.

8th Day- Kolkata

Suppose you are someone who fancies the latest trends with minimalism, or someone who likes to keep things subtle and straightforward, or a die-hard fan of caffeine, who is in love with the lover of cakes and cookies.

If you both are love-birds looking forward to investing a good time with each other, this place is solely made for you and your sweet-heart. 

Considering your lazy routines, this place serves as a brunch option. Adding more values to your joyous plate.

This excellent cafe gives a feature to play board games, while calming music gently plays in your background. We recommend you to explore the underrated artistically beautiful restaurants in  Kolkata.

Blue ginger Taj west Hotel- Bangalore

This extravagant hotel is located in Bangalore’s Racecourse road, situated in the middle of wildly attractive greenery.

This restaurant’s roof is entirely held with bamboo, and sweet-smelling flowers at the entrance, the seating area scented with lovely lilies, goldfish, and fairy lights sets just the right mood. This place is perfect for you and your beloved to feel heaven on earth.

If you are planning to get boozy, they give you the bar’s option inside their domain. Go and make your valentine feel special.

Rooh Mehrauli- Delhi

To celebrate your valentine’s day in the warm, cozy sunshine of February or to bless your eyes with the scenic beauty of the sunset at Qutub Minar, you can visit this beautiful place called Rooh Mehrauli.

There is no love more sincere than the love for food. This traditionally modern restaurant serves indo-western delicacies with proper shahi touch. The chief Sujan Sakar offers a seven-course shahi meal. The delicacies include black rice with young strawberry, coconut pearls, sorrel, lightly grilled avocado, butter squash, and vanilla ketchup.

If you are someone in Delhi, grab your meal and love the deal.

Let’s wind up with the most generic yet useful advice of all time that.

It’s always good to prebook a private dining space to get rid of the last-minute hassle so that you may spend a marvelous evening and make it memorable together.