The dance music superstar broke a Coachella record.


As the only Dance music artist to headline the mainstage at Coachella, Kaskade drew in the two (both weekends) biggest audiences that Coachella has ever seen.

While other edm hardhitters decorated the line-up for the Sahara Tent, Kaskade managed to score himself a headliner spot on the Mainstage, something which is quite commendable in itself.

An aerial shot of the Kaskade’s crowd is doing the rounds on the internet lately, and it really is quite something.

coachella kaskade crowd2

Kaskade himself was left stunned when he later saw the picture, claiming, “My eyeballs popped out and my jaw dropped”, something which all of us can surely relate to.

Over the past year Kaskade has been headlining some major bass and electronic music festivals, culminating to his Coachella spot – a testament to his hard work and perseverance over the years.

He also just released the video to his new hit single “Never Sleep Alone”.