Take a look at the aesthetic brilliance that was the 2016 edition of Nariyal Paani.

This weekend was an incredible gathering of spirited individuals and a quiescent celebration of music and culture by the beach. The sandy hearth of Alibaug was alive with the campers and festival goers of Nariyal Paani, and saw some remarkable, and not to mention picturesque, moments. Take a look!


1. The tepee-like huts made for a great place to hang out at the festival.

nariyal paani

(Via: Nariyal Paani/Facebook)


2. The scenic beaches of Mandva, Alibaug. 

naariyal paani

(Via: @kartik.jain619/Instagram)


3. The camping area was a great place to sit back (or lie down) and relax. 

nariyal 6


4. The view from the extraordinary tree-house library.

nariyal 2


5. Some LITs by the beach. 

nariyal 1


6. The extensively immersive vibe at the camping area.



7. Let’s not forget the exhilarating capoeira workshops. 



8. And the overall setup of the festival that perfectly complimented the vibe.

nariyal 4


9. A backside view just as good as the front. Who ever thought that we’d say that about a stage?

nariyal 5


10. The bustling campsite. 

NP gif


11. Not to mention the adorable cottages that littered the campsite.

cottage gif


12. It was a truly scenic experience. 



13. And the beautiful sunsets only heightened the experience. 

nariyal paani

(Via: @rohitpereira/Instagram)


14. True to its name, the festival offered some uber-refreshing nariyal paani.

nariyal paani

(Via: @santushi_thestyledge/Instagram)


15. Prateek Kuhad bringing all his acoustic vibes to Alibaug. 

nariyal paani

(Via: @rollingstonein/Instagram)


16. This edition proved Nariyal Paani to be a truly immersive beach/camping festival. 

nariyal paani dibzoo

(Via: @dibzoo/Instagram)


17. And let’s not forget Zoya’s melodic performance that created the perfect mood. 



18. The second night came to an end with a hearty jam session. We hope to see you again next year!

nariyal paani facebook

(Via: Nariyal Paani/Facebook)